Thursday, December 17, 2009

Aiden's Magazine Debut

Last year we were asked by Dr. Niparko to have Aiden be a part of a National Geographic photo shoot during his CI surgery. The magazine was putting together an article on Bionics, and approached Dr. Niparko to learn more about the "bionic ear". Part of the process included having a photographer come to our house to get to know our story and take many, many pictures of our little man before sound was a part of his life - they were awesome with Aiden. They also took many pictures during his surgery (which I have chosen not see - yet) and came back to participate the day of his activation to capture his first sounds on video and camera. We were hoping to have more coverage on cochlear implants in the magazine than what was written as we are always trying to help educate the public or newly diagnosed families about CIs. All in all though, it was a terrific experience and HOW EXCITING to see our little man in one of the most well known magazines throughout the world!

The whole article is very interesting. It's amazing how bionics are helping people do things they once did or, like Aiden, never would have had the possibility of doing. The article is also online here along with some additional pictures that won't be in the magazine (click on Aiden's picture to bring you to the photo gallery and then click on each picture to read it's caption underneath). You can also pick up the January issue soon and see two full pages of Aiden - one of his xray after his surgery and one of him wearing his CIs about six months after surgery.

Monday, December 7, 2009

'Tis the Season

I was up VERY early this morning ... 2:30 to be exact. I tossed and turned thinking about our upcoming move and new house, appointments I need to get the kids to (and make), Aiden's map and why he's been making that whiny noise all weekend, what we still need to do to close on our home, HOW we're going to do this move just a couple days AFTER Christmas, how are my kids going to adjust in their new schools, we need to get family pictures taken, oh, but Aiden and Kailyn need a haircut first, blah, blah, blah ... all going through my head.

What a whirlwind.

At 4:45am I finally decided to stop fighting the demons in my head and the want to sleep and got up, made some coffee, and pulled out my planner/pen to write my daily list of to dos. I decided to put it away though and instead enjoy the PEACE and QUIET in the house, and the GLOW of our Christmas tree lights in the darkness.

It's Christmas time. My FAVORITE time of the year. Time to kick those voices out of my head and let the stress go. Things will work out, they always do. It's time now for baking cookies, singing Christmas songs, playing in the snow, watching Aiden's eyes light up everytime he sees Santa Clause. It's time now to sit back and enjoy all the magical moments this wonderful season is all about.

Hope you do too.

Thursday, December 3, 2009


How do you show SINCERITY
to a team of individuals
who have given you
something you will FOREVER
be grateful?

How do communicate appreciation to
amazing professionals
who provided your child with
something that will IMPACT his
life forever?

What can you possibly give someone,
whom you respect and admire
beyond words, for all their
hard work, DEDICATION, and care
to your child?

How can you possibly show all this to
a phenomenal team that has provided
your deaf child
We gave them many, many thank you's,
a big ol' cake, huge hugs,
and bittersweet tears.

We also give them

to not take Cochlear Implant technology
for granted, knowing
it's not a "simple fix"
but a continuous WORK IN PROGRESS.
there will always be challenges.

to fully commit ourselves to face
these challenges head on,
to not give up and know, no matter how frustrating,

to know that you gave him the "tools"
to hear, and now it's up
and proper therapy to use this
hearing "hardware and software" to open up
a world of hearing and spoken language.

to "PLAY" with Aiden everyday
enriching his mind with
language and listening opportunities.

to appreciate and respect all the
sounds our world has to offer and to
as each moment is an opportunity to learn.

to EMBRACE this journey for
the miracle it is,
and walk hand in hand with Aiden
and cherish every single SIMPLY AMAZING moment.

as without the technology of
Cochlear Implants,
without his amazing surgeon, Dr. Niparko,
audiologist, Miss Jill, and team of therapists,
this all wouldn't be possible.

Our GRATITUDE to our surgeon, our audiologist,
and the whole support team
at Johns Hopkins Listening Center
is beyond anything that words or a cake can say.

We THANK YOU from the
bottom of our hearts,
for providing our son with
the chance to hear.