Saturday, November 16, 2013

just had to post

I'm in the middle of writing a long overdue (as usual) update on Aiden, but just had to come share a special moment shared by him and me this morning.

Early this morning, as everyone else slept, Aiden and I sat on the couch snuggling, me trying to search for Christmas ideas on the internet, him trying to get me to play Candy Crush on facebook. I don't even know what started the conversation, but we started talking about being deaf, hearing aids, and cochlear implants. He understands he's deaf, he knows that not everyone needs CIs to hear, and honestly, he never says much about it. He loves his technology and at times, even prefers to be without.

So as we talked, we watched videos. Videos on his hearing journey - from the time he had hearing aids (he thought it was hilarious that he was in the audiology booth as a baby!) to his activations, to his one year hearing video. It was after watching this one year hearing video that he snuggled up closer and said,

"I want to make a video. I'll say how I hear with cochlear implants and why I love them. and about (being) deaf."

This March will be his FIVE year hearing birthday.

Celebration indeed.

and what a perfect project to work on together.

In the meantime, a little flashback to his first year hearing video - From Silence to Sound.