Friday, April 30, 2010

IEP Goal Bank

Another CI mom, from THIS blog, shared a wonderful site with all us other CI moms and dads on the CICircle and Listen-Up forums through Yahoo Groups. This IEP Goal Bank is a wonderful site to use for those currently going through an IEP process or to bookmark for a future IEP. It provides an IEP Goal/Objective Template, it gives examples of specific goals from articulation, to auditory processing, to language etc. It also has additional links to explore for activity/material ideas too.

Although we're not going through this process right now, it is not too far away and I am gathering as much information as possible to be armed and ready when the time does come (which is next January). There is so much involved in an IEP process and as Aiden's mom and dad, it is up to us to make sure he gets what he needs and I think this is a great informative site to help parents along.

If you have any other sites you have found helpful during the IEP process, please share them in the comments section.


The Brights said...

I have a list of resources I found helpful on our blog's sidebar.

I am not sure if the Bridges 4 Kids link works for others - I can't get it to work for me!

Dan Baker said...

Free goals and objectives at