Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pure Randomness with an Exciting Ending

I've been meaning to update Aiden's blog for quite sometime, but time seems short these days. We've all been sick, I had a long lost friend come spend a wonderful four days with me, and over the next five days we are going to be VERY busy.

On Facebook, there was a note going around "25 Random Things" and I truly enjoyed reading everyone's list (I'm nosey) so I thought it'd be fun to create the same type of entry here, but about Aiden, from his point of view, through words, pictures, and videos!

1. I have a very busy week ahead of me. On Sunday I'm getting baptized, on Monday is another spotlight day (you'll see below), then Wednesday, the biggest day of them all, I'm having surgery to get my cochlear implants!

2. I don't like pumpkin pie. (This video is not captioned, since it is mainly just my family laughing at me).

3. My new favorite foods are blueberry muffins, grapes and bananas. I'm truly getting sick of the baby mush ... bring on the real stuff ... even if I only have 2 1/2 teeth!

4. I hate my hearing aids. I don't know why my mom constantly puts them back in when she should know by now, I'm just going to pull them right back out. She thinks those silly looking hats work, but they don't. She will not win.

5. I am a very determined little boy and always strive to get what I want. My fave is the cords to the computer. Note to mom: Your barricades do not work.

6. I wake up every morning between 4 and 5am so mom will get me a bottle and put me in bed with her. I love snuggling! The best part though is when I wake up, I give her a few good headbutts, my dad a tug at his nose, then laugh.

7. I don't crawl. In fact, they say I'm behind in my gross motor skills, but I pull myself up onto anything and can do some fast cruising around!

8. Raspberries rock. I blow them all the time, especially when my mom sticks a whole spoonful of food in my mouth! That really gets her. I think it's funny.

9. I only have two and a half teeth, two on the bottom, and one that's coming in at the top ... all random and out of place ... I'll be able to pop a good beer bottle with that one!

10. I LOVE LIGHTS! I love them so much "light" was one of my first signs. If the lights off, I look at my mom or dad and sign light so they'll turn it on.

11. I also sign milk, more, and eat.

12. I love to torment my sister, especially when she's on the computer, but she still loves me!

13. I also love to torment our two cats!. My dad nearly threw them both out after one nearly scratched my eye out. I tried to pull him off the window ledge, by his tail.
14. With my hearing aids, I usually respond to my mommy if she's talking right by me. Somedays I just completely ignore her though ... by choice. Here's a day I was listening very well and my mom was so excited!

15. I love the camera, but not more than lights ... oh wait ... I love the light on the camera so I always stop and give mom a great smile!

16. My brother is teaching me to play video games already. One day, when I get to hear music, I'm going to jam to some Foo Fighters and AC/DC just like him.

17. If my mom leaves the room, I freak, just to see how fast she'll run back in!

18. I'm starting to throw temper tantrums. I like to get my way (see #5). When my mom removes me from the places I should not be (see #5), I swing my hand at her face or pull on her hair. Then she tells/signs to me "no", and I blow a big ol' raspberry at her (see #8).

19. Despite my tantrums, I am really sweet & innocent ... c'mon ... is this a face that you could be mad at?!?

20. I'm spoiled. What can I say? I really do no wrong (ignore #18 & check out #19 again).

21. Have you seen my baby blues? One day they're gonna break hearts.
22. I love to play peek-a-boo, wave bye-bye, clap my hands, and shake my head no. Oh yeah, and I have great farts, they make me laugh. All this while blowing raspberries!

23. After my surgery, I have to wait a month to "turn on" my new ears. My first one will be turned on 8 days before my first birthday. I'll have auditory-verbal therapy at least two times a week (not including 'mom therapy' everyday) to teach me what sounds are and put meaning to them. I just may hear when they sing happy birthday to me!

24. I'm going to do great with my implants, just like Pamela Anderson has with hers, but in a much different kinda way! Just like my friend Trevor said, I'm going to be a hero one day! Thanks so much Trevor for dedicating this book to me! You rock!

25. ... AND THE BIG NEWS ... I'm going to be a SUPERSTAR! My surgeon asked my mommy and daddy if I could be featured in National Geographic!!! They're doing a story on cochlear implants, found my surgeon, and asked him if they could feature one of his patients, and he chose me! They're coming to my house before my surgery to talk to mom and dad and capture my life pre-implants, then they'll take pictures during my surgery, and then at my activation! We're all very excited to help educate the public throughout the world on cochlear implants and just how amazing they are! Mom says I'll always be her superstar, no matter what!


Drew's Mom said...

That is awesome, Aiden! I'm so, so, so exicted to start spreading the word on just how fabulous CI's are with the proper care and habilitation. I know your family will do a great job educating others!

MB said...

National Geographic!! WOW!!!

Danielle said...

Aiden-- best of luck to you!!! I am looking forward to reading the National Geographic story!! Thats awesome!!!!! Before you know it the month wait will be over and u will learn to hear!!


Mom to Toes said...

OMGOMGOMGOMG! How incredibly cool!!!

He couldn't have picked a better patient!

(This is the best post ever)

misskri said...

How exciting Aiden ~ Good Luck with your surgery and we can't wait to read/see you guys in National Geographic!!! your 25 random things!!!

Kel said...

Oh my gosh, how super is that! Aiden, that absolutely rocks. I will have to watch for it!!!!

(And they say Danny is behind in motor skills too... He doesn't crawl but is trying so hard to learn how to pull up on everything. He is just a month or so younger than Aiden. A few people have told me it's a deaf thing.)

Lucas'Mommy said...

I loved your 25 things, Aiden! How exciting about National Geographic! I can't wait to read about it! We'll be thinking of you next week... what excitement you have ahead of you!

diana smith said...

How exciting for you all! You are such an amazing family- I'm sure you will be a huge hit on tv.

You are in our thoughts and prayers. Take care and keep in touch!


Bill and Shelly said...

You will be in our thoughts and prayers, I know Aiden will do great. Can't wait to see the article, you will have to let us know when it comes out so we can be sure to get a copy.
Can't wait to hear how you are doing.

Julie said...

Wow! How exciting! (And I just cancelled my NG subscription - rats!) We'll be sure to get a copy of "your" issue!

My sons say hello, and we'll be praying for Aiden on Wednesday... WooHooo!

leah said...

Oh, my gosh! He's going to be a superstar! You have to update when it is due out in National Geographic- very cool!!! They sure picked a photogenic kid (g).

Those blue eyes are just killer- that little boy is going to melt (and break) some hearts some day. All of our thoughts and prayers go out to you and Aiden on Wednesday-mostly for mommy since Aiden will do just fine!

I'm all excited about the National Geographic thing. Woo Hoo!