Saturday, November 28, 2009


Everyday I thank God for the life I have ... three healthy full of life children, a fantastic husband, parents who love me, shelter, food, etc. I am truly blessed. At this time of year though, I like to take a deeper look at what I'm thankful for, what I've been blessed with.

The Opportunity to Move - When we moved to Maryland, we knew it wasn't for good, that it would be a small chapter in our book of life. Well, we're about to start a new chapter. Aiden's daddy has been promoted and we're moving back home to the Midwest! We will be so much closer to family and friends and I cannot wait! The opportunities this move provides for our whole family are tremendous.

Memories - This time of the year is very hard for me. It seems like Thanksgiving two years ago was my father's last "good day". It was after this that things spiraled downward and before I knew it, his time to leave us and join his parents in Heaven had come. But this year, after a good healthy cry, I took a step back and smiled. I'm so thankful for all that he taught me, for all he was to me; so thankful Ryan and Kailyn got to know their grandfather and that he will always hold a special place in their heart. Thankful for the memories ... and the smiles these memories bring.

My Husband - We have been married for fifteen years and he is truly my best friend. He makes me laugh, he is my strength when I am weak, my confidant when I need to let it all out, my partner when making tough decisions, my everything. He works very hard to provide for our family which also allows me to stay home with Aiden. I miss him by the end of the day. For all he is and the unconditional love he gives, I am so thankful.

My Parents - A lot has gone on in our lives the past couple of years and without the lessons my parents taught me growing up, I don't know if I'd be as sane as I am today. One of the biggest lessons they taught me was to cope, not to run and hide. But even more so, to have faith, because even when it seems it can't get any worse, it will, BUT things will get better. And they do. Head up, open up that heart and mind, and face those "opportunities" head on knowing the good Lord above is right there beside you (and so is mom)! Thank you mom and dad ... for you two I will always be thankful!

Cochlear Implants - Of course I'm thankful for these I can only imagine how different our life would be without them. Yes, we'd learn ASL and we'd learn how to communicate in a different way than what we've ever known. It wouldn't be easy, but we'd do it. Because of CIs though, we don't have to. Aiden has been provided with a technology that gives him the choice to hear and therefore speak. Our deaf son is hearing all the beautiful sounds our world has to offer, hearing the laughter and sweet nothings from his family. And for this, I am beyond thankful.

A Happy Heart - smiles and laughter and hugs and kisses from my kids + memories + girlfriends nights out + in laws I absolutely adore + the purring of my cats + a niece or nephew on the way (finally on my side of the family) + the best grandparents + love all around + a ridiculously funny husband who loves and supports me very much and is my best friend + my amazing mom + the sound of my deaf son laughing and speaking + a nice glass of wine ALL EQUAL a HAPPY HEART ... and for this I am truly thankful.

and last but not least ... I am thankful for Aiden finally walking more than crawling, which will help me get less packing done for our move, and "Elmo" who is a huge help, especially while trying to pack!
(make sure to turn the music off on the left)

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.


leah said...

Just look at him go! Here's to as easy of a move as possible, and Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Lucas'Mommy said...

Yay! He's walking! So happy for you! Love the Elmo. You have a little rockstar on your hands. I'm thankful for you too! What a journey we've had together! Hope your move goes smoothly.

JenandGreg said...

There is no stopping him now!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh, hurray! He's walking! (Bwa-ha-ha!)

Isn't it an amazing "coincidence" that you moved to Maryland just at the right time for Aiden to get his CI's?! A God-coincidence.

You're doing GREAT!


Melanie said...

Where are you moving?!?!? I hope it's to Wisconsin! :) Glad he is finally walking.