Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dear Blog ...

I promise I haven't forgotten about you, but in the midst of Christmas, then three days later packing up a Uhaul - driving to our new state - closing on a new home - and unpacking the Uhaul - all in less than 48 hours, with three kids and two cats, I have had to put you on hold.

Please understand.

PS - Oh, and better yet, Aiden has decided to play hide and seek with one of his CI's, which has gone MIA. After three days of searching, still NOTHING. We know it's somewhere in all this mess, but of course, nowhere easy. So today I get to go through TONS of packing paper STUFFED into four huge wardrobe boxes ... because I have nothing better to do.

At least I can look outside and see this.

It feels AMAZING to be home in the Midwest, MUCH closer to family, starting a new chapter in our lives, in a new year, in a new home, with a whole new journey ahead.
God is GREAT. We have SO many blessings to be thankful for.



Vivie said...

I hope you settle nice in your new house soon!

As for Aiden playing Hide and sure is frustrating..Hope you will find it and soon!! ( PS , till you get settled in , maybe you need to return to long coils to keep the BTE's pinned somewhere? just a suggestion )

tammy said...

Great idea Vivie! I did bust out the critter clip, which I usually only use outside of the house. Guess I need it in the house now too!

Lucas'Mommy said...

Hi Tammy,

I'm so glad that life is settling a bit for you! So sad that you're further away... but you're still visitable! We'll have to catch up when life is a little less crazy for you!!! Happy New Year!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Hope you're settled in soon... AND find the CI. Oh, frustration!

I'm settling into a comfy chair - just picked up my National Geographic. Thanks for the link, too,


leah said...

A lost CI- egads- I hope you find it SOON! It is wonderful to be back near family again, though the moving process is so hard. Here's to getting settled in quickly!

Gotta love the snow! I'm sure Aiden will love playing in it (I highly recommend LL Bean's Kahtadin Parka and snow bibs).

Kat said...

Sorry to laugh a little at the lost CI...the critter clip is our best friend. Thomas has learned now how to disconnect the coil from its cable. I'm sure that it will soon be swallowed and we'll be in the emergency room or simply waiting for it to come out the other end! Happy unpacking and look forward to catching up when you can catch your breath!

CDM said...

I guess there is a disadvantage to the implants with kids... If the kid should hide his/her processor, there's no feedbacking/squealing, huh? Next thing you know, the manufacturers will be coming out with a beeping signal thingy so if the processor should get hidden, just push a button on a handy remote and the processor will beep so the parents can find it!

I used to play hide and seek with my hearing aids ALL the time when I was a young kid. Drove my parents out of their minds, of course, searching the house trying to find my obnoxiously loud squealing hearing aids, while I sat back and laughed. Oh such a brat I was!

Amy said...

Losing a CI is my worst nightmare hence while even though Ava is wearing them as full BTE we still have them attached to a critter clip on her clothing secured around the ear hooks. My other daughter wears hearing aids and she lost one once and I found it in her drawer. It had fallen off when she took off her shirt and was stuck in her shirt and stuffed in the drawer. I tore the house and yard apart. The clips give you a piece of mind. Happy New Year!

tammy said...

WE FOUND IT! Deep in the cusions of our couch! Whew, whew, whew! We're lucky to have back-ups, but I still couldn't fathom a $5,000 piece of equipment just GONE. We also have a one time loss replacement, but I just wasn't ready to use it!

Leah - I'm checking out the LL Bean site ... we've had snow since we've been here and we're loving it!

CDM - you had me laughing out loud. I'm sure my days are to come!

superears4evan said...

So glad you found it! We've only had Evan's CI's since Sept. and had the great "ear" hunt too many times already! I know how frustrating it can be and I'm sure it will happen many more times in the futre! I'm glad you are getting unpacked and settled! Where is the midwest are you guys? We are in ncentrtal would be great to get more CI kiddos together for a weekend as we don't have a lot of resources locally! Enjoy the snow as we are about to get a tome more!

superears4evan said...

I just read my post and am laughing at all my spelling errors! It's not so easy to type with a 18 months old helping! :)

Ben's Mom said...

Tammy Help Please! How did you keep Aiden's CI on when he was so young? I can only get Ben to wear his for minutes at a time. Tape, hats, huggies, ear molds...I must be missing something.