Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A WOW Kind of Day

Yesterday, was a great language day for Aiden. I guess things do come in three's.

ONE: It started at Little Gym, where he was playing basketball. There was an incline leading up to the hoop, which he was standing up on, guarding the hoop with his life. The orange ball he had, dropped out of his hands and rolled down. As he looked at me, GRUNTING and POINTING, I said, "Aiden, come down and get the ball." He continued to protest, guarding his post, pointed again, then signed ORANGE, while SAYING "AHJSH". (pause) "BAH". over and over again as he pointed to the orange ball! Of course, this time I got him that orange ball as tears welled in my eyes. Not only two words at once, but he used his language spontaneously to get what he wanted!

Note - We JUST started into colors the past few weeks. We don't typically sign with Aiden, but have been signing the colors after we say them which has gotten him to attempt to say the color back to us. Yesterday was the FIRST time he has actually EXPRESSED a color in his language.

TWO: On the way home from Little Gym (which is absolutely amazing by the way), we were stopped at a red light and a big gas truck pulled up next to us. He pointed right at it and SAID, "UCK"! As many times as I've pointed trucks out while driving the boy has finally got it ... and can only hope the /t/ comes before the /f/! LOL

While waiting for his sister at Little Gym that afternoon (told you we love the place), he only had one CI on (ya, that's the not so exciting part of the day ... we're in search of the second one, and I didn't have time to get his back ups going as we were already late to K's gymnastics) ... anyway, he kept trying to go out the door. I was probably a good eight feet away and in normal voice tone, said, "Aiden, stop." That little booger looked right at me, smiled, and SAID "SOP" and kept on doing it. You know I had to keep on saying it and sure enough, each time I said it, he'd smile and repeat!

oh, and there was actually a number four WOW moment.

As we're sitting in the car, at a light once again (we're always on the go), a motorcycle buzzed past. I of course, pointed to my ear, did the whole, "Aiden listen", but didn't tell him what it was. He too, pointed at his ear, did the raspberry sound back to me, and said, "dada". His dad rides a Harley, so that is what he associates motorcycles with. My boy didn't even SEE the motorcycle, he just HEARD it, and knew.

So besides the fact that we're still short one CI, which I will tear apart the house today to find after no luck last night, I have to say, that yesterday, was one WOWZIE type of day for my little man.

Isn't this journey just AMAZING!


Danielle said...

You know I been having a horrible day all day but hearing this made my day. I am so glad hes doing so well. Best of Luck!!! Go AIDEN!!!

leah said...

Wow is the right word! He's taking off like a rocket! Man, I wish we had a Little Gym near us- it looks like a great place to get out some energy.

Sending lots of "find the lost CI" vibes your way. I certainly hope it turns up soon!

Tammy- I use my husband's Cannon 30D SLR, but I have no idea how to use it, lol. I just point and shoot on auto mode. I use GIMP (GNU photo editor) to help lighten up the images sometimes (a free photo editing software- takes some getting used to, lol).

Lissa said...

Way to go Aiden!! Keep making Mommy proud!! :) Little monkey :)

Amie said...

Hi,I've been reading your blog for a while now.(got one CI kiddo at home too).
Those wow days can make us grin in our sleep:))
Aiden is taking off now and there'll be no stopping him!

susannah said...

oh goodness- number two made me giggle. here's hoping for the t first! :)

Herding Grasshoppers said...


What a great day!

Love the raspberry sound and "Dad"!


Christian and Lily's Mommy said...