Friday, December 10, 2010

'Tis the Season

This is my favorite time of year.
I LOVE feeling like a kid again and the excitement of
seeing the magic in my children's eyes as the house
gets all dressed up for the season and the Merry moves in.

This year is even more amazing as we watch and HEAR
Aiden learn and speak and truly begin to understand the season.
We're hearing, "TISMIS TEE" and "SANNA AUS" and "REINDEER"
and "TANY TANE" and "EL" (elf), and "SOMAN".
He gets it. I think it's inbred in every kid's heart and mind,
because he's NEVER picked up on SO many words
in so little time.

I LOVE how all my kids get excited about decorating the house and
the Christmas tree while jamming out to Christmas tunes,

even if the experience is short lived and they're just fine with leaving
mom to finish the job by herself.

I LOVE how Aiden walks around with all
the musical ornaments, LISTENING to the
Christmas music, HUMMING along with it.

I LOVE how my husband is all Clark Griswaldish
and has to have the biggest Christmas tree our ceilings will allow AND
the best lighted house on the block.
Not super crazy like, but he's smiling ear to ear knowing
we're the only house with lights outlining our roof.
(side note: according to him, the neighbor across the street
who has someone decorate for him does not count.)

I LOVE how Aiden sits and admires his own
"Tismis Tee" we put up in his playroom,
and decorated together. He's so proud of it and

I kid you not, he'll sit in his chair for long periods of time,
staring and smiling.

I LOVE baking cookies with my kids,
Christmas music blaring in the background, flour
everywhere, and half the dough eaten before
it ever makes it to the pan.

I LOVE how everyone is just that much more generous
and thoughtful to each other.
Such as this surprise I woke up to
the other morning from my sweet teenage son.

I LOVE how Aiden is addicted to "tany tanes".
He can't get enough.

Seriously, who can eat a WHOLE candy cane
like that in less then 10 minutes?

I LOVE how we get to spend Christmas this year with BOTH of our families.
It is our first year ever we've lived this close,
and I LOVE my kids get to celebrate the season with their
cousins, their aunts and uncles, and BOTH of their grandmas!

What do you LOVE about this time of year?

HaPpY HoLiDaYs


Joey @ Big Teeth and Clouds said...

It's a very special season, so many exciting words to learn. Enjoy!

Melanie said...


Mia used to call candy canes "candy cans" and I love it. Your kids are darling.

leah said...

I love EVERYTHING about this time of year. Candy canes, shining little boy eyes, Santa Claus, nativity scenes, cookies, hot cocoa and Christmas cards!

Maggie said...

Christmas has been fun in our house this year too. Sydney and Hailey helped put up the Christmas decorations (Ben monitored and told us if it looked okay) and Steve actually decorated the outside with lights along the whole house this time, not just above the garage!! In our house you can't leave out the cats...they, of course, love the Christmas tree as well, especially our new addition Turtle (yes, that is the cat's name) who is now 7 months. He finds great fun in knocking down everything on the bottom of the tree so by Christmas the tree will only be half decorated but by that time the kids will be too excited about what is under the tree and not care what is still on it.

Hope you can make it to Wisconsin for the Christmas break and we can actually visit this time.

Hope to see you soon,

Your aunt, Maggie

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Wow! Your older kids sure are growing up! We don't see pics of them as often.

I love the anticipation, the Advent, the shine in their eyes... :D

Such good news from your house!


Kat said...

I love hearing wonderful holiday stories like the one you just posted. I don't like missing friends that are so far away...but appreciate the anticipation of 3 weeks with you in LA this summer.

Merry Christmas, my dear friend!

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Ben's Mom said...

Happy New Year, Tammy! I'm so glad things are going well for Aiden. I'd love to talk to you sometime soon. All the best this year!

Derval said...

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