Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 In Pictures

2010 was overall a VERY good year. We ended 2009 by packing up our third
(and hopefully last) Uhaul in less than 18 months
and headed to Ohio to settle in. We started 2010 returning home.
Back to the Midwest. Much closer to family. Turning the page,
to another new chapter.

Here's what made our 2010 full of LIFE, LAUGHTER, and LOVE:

celebrating Aiden's ONE YEAR OF HEARING and
SECOND BIRTHDAY all within a week.

16 hours closer in distance means SO much more time with my mom,
(and my 80 year young grandparents too!)

meeting other CI/hearing loss families in our local community for picnics and play dates.

starting high school, first formals, and

girlfriends we adore.

many trips to the zoo,

finding a hearing team for Aiden,
who fulfills what we've been in search of.

new family members,
Austin Robert (my brother's first child) blessed our world on 6/9/10

16 years of marriage ... I'm so proud of US!

continuous exploration and discovery of new sounds,
despite a year of mapping ups and downs.

smores, cocktails, and story telling around the fires in our backyard firepit,
right up until the wind was just too much to handle and snow nearly covered it.

Having 16 cousins so close to grow up with,
and participating in so much more than we ever have before.
I LOVE my husband's family and all they are to us.

LOVE their relationship and

all theirs.

a trip to Walt Disney World

Aiden's "monkey-like" qualities of getting into EVERY.little.THING.

Ryan turning 14 and surviving yet another
year of a teenager (we may not be sane, but we're surviving)

deer in the backyard.

sister-in-laws. Love them.

a well needed long weekend away with girlfriends equals

2010 brought NEW TRADITIONS:

celebrating my dad's life and memory
each year on his birthday by doing things he
loved to do, telling grandpa stories throughout the day, and of course eating
a big steak dinner to top it all off.
We sure do miss him.

celebrating Kailyn's (who turned double digits) and Uncle Scoot's birthday together through
a fun filled weekend that also includes the Dublin Irish Feis which my niece dances in.

an annual camping trip with family,
so much fun!

We ended the year spending Christmas with my mom and brother,

and adding a new puppy to the family
(meet Bella)
What a truly good year we were blessed with.
We're hoping 2011 brings as many good times as 2010 did.

Here's what we're looking forward to:

Aiden starting preschool
more language explosions!

Kailyn making her First Communion and Ryan his Confirmation

Meeting a new niece in February

Heading to California for the 2011 John Tracy Clinic summer program
spending the time there with my very good friend Kat, and her son Thomas

many more family gatherings and trips to Wisconsin
(and hopefully finally meet a few CI friends there)

a second hearing birthday for Aiden

Saying bye-bye to the binky and potty training
(ok, not really looking forward to either of these)

a year of good health, many smiles, lots of laughter, and good times.

Happy New Year!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

What an AWESOME year! I love reading about all your adventures, and watching your family bloom :D


Melanie said...

Love this post!!!

Melanie said...

P.S. Can't wait for the WI visit!