Thursday, July 14, 2011

Small World

I am whooped. It has been a LONG week here at JTC, yet one that has flown by. I already don't want it to end. Since I've been staying up very LATE and getting up very EARLY, I will recap the last couple of days tomorrow morning or this weekend.

But I just had to share this.

Dear Aiden,
Today, T's mommy (he is in your class, but about a year younger than you) came up to me and asked me when you were implanted. We had been talking and she too, had the same phenomenal surgeon at Johns Hopkins as you had. She flew all the way from United Arab Emirates to have sweet Thomas implanted there. They also have the same wonderful audiologist you started with and whom I miss dearly!

Anyway, after I told her your surgery date, February 11th, 2009, she proceeded to ask,

"Is it your Aiden who was in the National Geographic article on cochlear implants? I knew he looked familiar and when you said he was implanted at JHU, I knew it had to be true. I can't believe I'm here with him."

and she continued (not word for word, but main points) ...

"... Thank you so much! It was because of that article, because of seeing Aiden's beautiful face, with that smile. He looked so happy, so normal, so .... thank you. It was because of the write up, his picture, that provided us more comfort to move forward and it helped in our decision to have T implanted. It helped me talk to family members who weren't comfortable with the surgery, it helped me show family and friends what cochlear implants were all about ... "

I was in complete tears.

She continued to let me know how you are still talked about there (at JHU) and what a rockstar you are in their eyes. She knew your name before she even met you; and now, we're here, learning, embracing, together.

You truly are amazing and I hope one day you realize the impact you and your story have had on SO many. Your vibrant eyes and smile, vivacious personality, that pure silliness, and your determination and perseverance all SHINE through. It ALL shines through. I love you and are SO proud of you sweet baby!!



Herding Grasshoppers said...

What an AWESOME story! In the original sense of the word :D


Melanie said...

So cool. I love that article too. I shared it with everyone I know, I think! :) I left a copy at my pediatrician's office for them to keep since Peas is their only patient with CI's.

Jenny- Sienna's mom said...

Hi Tammy, couldn't leave a comment on my blog but could on yours??Thanks for all the posts from the JTC, sounds fun and interesting. One day we hope to go there so we too can meet wonderful families like yours. We do only speak French at home but she is picking up English all over...from her older sister, her nana and others. She is officially bilingual... she is doing amazing. Sounds like Aiden is doing well! Keep up the great work, as you put it "The Parent is the most important team member!"

Danielle said...

Amazing. he is definitely an inspiration to so many people.

Amy said...

What a wonderful story Tammy!