Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ten on Thursday

Here are my top ten reasons for not being on here to write a post, or read my favorite blogs in what seems like FOR.EV.ER.

1.(and I'm not talking about having fun at Universal Studios - I'm talking about a teenager, a preteen, and a toddler.)

2. Not ONE day on my August calendar is blank. seriously.

3. Many days on my August calendar have multiple entries.

4. I'm still catching up mentally, physically, house work wise, paperwork wise etc. from our three weeks away at JTC.

5. A three year old who will not sleep in his bed and has night terrors even when sleeping in my bed. I have not had a solid night sleep since WAY before our trip to California. I'm ready to commit myself just so I can have some alone time AND get a decent nights sleep.

6. Two weeks before JTC, my better half was in Georgia for two weeks. I leave to JTC for three weeks, he comes in for the last one. As soon as we get back home, he's gone again for another week to D.C. This week, he's sick. Can you say!?

7. At JTC one of the dad's gave me advice to "go home and take 5% of time for YOU." Love the sound of this. I'm yet to try out this soundsamazingandwillhopefullyhappenrealsoon rule. See #'s 1, 2, 3, 4 & 6 above. Unless I want to get up at the crack of dawn, which doesn't work because of #5 and I'm already a walking zombie, PLUS I've already tried that and low and behold, it was the same day the troops decided NOT to sleep until 10am.

8. Prepping for the new school year - I have three kids, three different school districts, two different IEPs to review and update, three different logistics to and from school to figure out, who all start on the same day and I cannot wait.

9. When we're not running to an appointment or to a sports camp, we've been spending time with family. Our first weekend back was spent in Cleveland, then last weekend we had a houseful here, then tomorrow we're heading BACK to Cleveland for our first "out of the box" mapping session and TWO family parties. Whew.

10. and I'm supposed to go back to work as soon as the kids are back in school.?.

whatever. I'm going to add up all those 5 percents per day I've been missing out on and call it my sick time. Gotta go do the math. oh, and get my oldest to a parent meeting/prayer service at his new school and his sister to soccer camp which of course are both at the exact same time. so thankful for the counselors at JTC who taught me some seriously good deep breathing, calm yourself down techniques!


leah said...

I feel your pain (exhaustion wise, anyway)! It is amazing how busy the summer can be, and single parenting it is INSANE. I hope Aiden gets some real sleep soon - so that you can get some of the same!

Melanie said...

I am ready for school to start so I can get my life in order! Summer is nuts. Didn't know you are going back to work. Full time? Yikes! I have been thinking about you and Aiden and what's going on with him.