Tuesday, February 21, 2012


is watching my deaf son
(with quite the rhythm)
to the latest Wii craze
Just Dance 3

and then later,
listening to him
hum or sing
parts of the songs he just danced to,
probably because he HEARS them
replaying in his cute little head.
is watching my deaf son 
write his name and the alphabet with chalk on the driveway and
each letter out loud as he writes it.

and then later,
seeing his face light up as he
the kids from ACROSS THE STREET, come outside.
so he grabs his bike and chalk, 
and let's me know through
spoken language,
"MOM! Friends outside! Let's go!"
is watching my deaf son
try his hardest to get his fingers to work
in order to sign
and then {moments} later,
running up to me,
in his pure silly aiden way,
to tell me with
spoken words
"I love you mom!"
cochlear implants

and the
amazing gift
 they provide my deaf son to
 listen and speak
each and every day.


dlefler said...

I LOVE this post! I love the pictures, the dancing, the writing, the speaking, the listening, the friends, the joy.

Melanie said...

I am always struck at how similar our lives are. :)

Jennifer said...

Beautiful post.

Hunter's Mommy said...

agreed.... amazing post!

Kat said...

Love is having an amazing mom that recognizes all the wonderful things her kiddo can do. Miss you tons, my sweet friend!