Saturday, June 29, 2013

Good Articles to Share with Educators

Just a couple hearing loss articles I came across that I thought would be beneficial to give to schools, teachers, day care providers, etc. to advocate for our kiddos.

I came across this one and then realized it is written by Leah over at Say What! I absolutely love her writing! So informative, so detailed, and I think this one is especially great for those people new in your child's life who need that basic understanding of what hearing loss looks like and sounds like.

This second one I stumbled upon from a hearing loss group I'm a part of on Facebook. I've never heard of this blog, but I'm going to search through it as I always love reading about hearing loss from a deaf adult's perspective to give me a better insight into Aiden's world. In this article, he writes about concentration fatigue. With Aiden starting full day kindergarten this fall, it's that something that's been weighing on my mind as I know he's just going to be whooped by the time he gets home. I thought this is a great article to share with educators as well.