Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Maybe ... Just Maybe

Aiden and I had a VERY long night last night. My boy is always such a happy baby ... never fusses, rarely cries, and is just a happy-go-with-the-flow enjoying life baby. He goes to bed, with no problems, between 7pm and 7:30pm and usually sleeps until 5am.


He just would not stop crying and nothing I did consoled my baby. He seemed to want a bottle, but would cry as he drank it, and when he wanted NOTHING to do with his binky, I knew he truly felt like crap. This went on from 7pm until 4am. No fever (in fact I was worried he felt "too cool"), no pulling at the ears, no stuffiness cold like symptoms ... I think it was a combo between teeth & gas.

As I walked with him, rocked him, massaged him, wiped his face down, I couldn't help but think, if he could only hear his mommy's voice sing to him, MAYBE, JUST MAYBE it would help that much more. I know he knows no difference, but I do. It worked with my other two ... it just did.

So I put my lips on his head and hummed, I laid him on my chest and sang ... and for awhile it would work, and I'd get him to sleep. Then he'd wake up and we'd start all over again. He finally crashed around 4am and he slept, his head laying on my chest, my lips pressed gently on his head, humming sweet nothings.


Anonymous said...

oh, poor sweet boy!
This reminds me of the days when Ethan was an infant and was suffering badly from acid reflux. It just broke my heart that he was unable to hear my voice trying to soothe him. I sang and sang anyway.

Leah said...

What a sweet moment, even though a tough one. Caden is going through that right now also. I don't understand. Nothing we do seems to help so I just thank God that our boy is alive and can make noise to tell us he isn't happy. Sometimes sleep sounds like the best thing in the world! ahhhhh sleep :)

leahlefler said...

Those nights can be so long! Sing away- Nolan will sometimes put his hand on my throat or mouth when I sing to him now. He can hear me singing when I'm holding him, but I think he likes the extra sensory input from "feeling" it, too.

Here's to some restful nights!

Anonymous said...

My youngest daughter gets ear infections often, and the only symptom she has is sleepless, screaming nights. Our doctor finally told me to stop looking for other symptoms and call after a night like that. I hope it's been better for the two of you since the first night! Sending happy thoughts your way, Jennifer Mills ;)

kkohler said...

Every time Courtney bumps her head, smashes her fingers, or is just simply sad the same thoughts pass through my mind. I hope he is feeling better!

Julie said...

Poor baby! Poor MOMMY! I bet he can feel the vibrations when his head is laying (lying?) on your chest.

And you KNOW he knows you love him. It's as plain as day :0)

Praying for comfort and rest,