Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hello Maryland!

Woo Hoo! We made it. We're in Maryland. The trip went very well. I followed my husband for 1,430 miles (22 hours not including any potty breaks, rest stops, bad traffic, or overnight stays) while he drove a 26-foot U-Haul pulling the biggest U-Haul trailer. He had all of our belongings ... I had two out of three of our kids, the two cats, luggage, and the plasma tv. What a trip! The kids did GREAT, the cats did GREAT, our belongings did GREAT (thanks to the great packing of yours truly :), mom and dad ... enjoyed the trip needless to say of the much lack of sleep from all the packing, appointments, and cleaning we did right before the trip! But ... we made it and we're so happy we're here!

It was very emotional saying good-byes. We lived there together for over 11 years, me, since I was in 8th grade, excluding my college years in Michigan. My kids knew nothing but the neighborhood they grew up in, they're born Texans. I've always wanted to get the hell out of Texas and back up north, but I didn't think it'd be that hard leaving; good-byes were hard, very hard ... but it does feel great being back to four seasons, back to the crisp, fresh, fall air, back to to the seasons.

We have had so much going on in less than one year. So many changes. My dad's sickness and death, Aiden's birth and diagnosis of being deaf, all the shit my husband had to put up with at his old job for doing the morally right thing and then getting a new job ... all of this within a matter of 5 months. We were meant to be here, we prayed to start anew. My mom says we're starting a new chapter, I say we're starting a whole new book. We're on to a sequel, bringing all the good with us, leaving all the bad behind. CHEERS to a new beginning ... CHEERS to what is yet to come.


leahlefler said...

We've missed you in the electronic world! Glad to hear you've made it to Maryland. Here's to an easy adjustment for everyone!!

Leah said...

We are glad ya'll made it China, I mean to Ya'll deserve to be happy and soooo much more. We miss ya'll already!

Julie said...

Figured you must be travelling... glad you've landed :0)