Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Fun Day

We started our day driving into DC to Nat. Geo. studios to finish up the photo shoots for Aiden's piece in an upcoming piece that includes the amazing world of cochlear implants. Despite the fact it was all during his nap time and that we had to take many breaks, he was truly a real trooper. I forgot my camera, but captured what I could of a nonstop toddler on my iPhone, which, I've come to find out, does not take the best "in action" pictures.
As soon as he hit his carseat, he was out. Which I wasn't too excited for as I'd rather him sleep at home then in a car when I can do nothing productive (part of my ADD/OCD etc problem). But, I have to say he slept on the way home, ate lunch, then took another nap at home! WOO HOO!

I actually had to wake him up from his nap (can't believe I actually did this) at 4:30pm to head to the Johns Hopkins Cochlear Implant picnic. What a nice time we had! Aiden's daddy had to work, so his brother, sister and I all piled into the family vehicle and headed out, not having a clue what to expect. It was very nice to meet so many wonderful people. I talked to so many people and got many different hearing loss perspectives. This is what's so wonderful about this world, no two stories are alike. We met people who have been in this journey for quite some time, people who are just beginning (like us), and parents who are about to embark on this amazing endeavor. It was a great time to not only meet other mom's in my shoes, but even more so to hear first hand from the adult CI users themselves.

Our miracle makers ... Aiden's surgeon, Dr. Niparko
and his audiologist, Miss Jill

By the time we got home, Aiden was done. He had such a great day of hearing. He didn't eat too much at the picnic, so after his bath I gave him some cereal and fruit to fill his belly in hopes of a full nights sleep. Usually, after every bath I only put back on one implant to test that particular ear. Tonight, he was done with hearing altogether and showed me in his very silly ways. Here's my silly little man being his silly little self. (Stop the music on the right before playing the video!)


leah said...

Oh, the "I only want this as a very expensive teething ring" trick! It is hard when they turn it into a game- we get that with Nolan on occasion. We'll grab his hearing aids, he'll see them and yell "NO!" and then run away, laughing. Argh.

Lucas'Mommy said...

Oh the joys! At least he was getting ready for bed, huh?

susannah said...

oh my goodness- i feel your pain! they are so cute in their stubbornness!!!

Sienna's mom said...

Thanks for following our blog. The video of Aiden acting silly reminds me alot of my daughter Sienna. Thanks for the great posts!

mbishopp said...

i had to laugh at your little man tearing off his processor and eating it like a $3 chew toy. hmm, if only it was just $3!

i was sad to miss the picnic, but with company all week and therapy in the morning, i could drive 1.5 hrs in traffic to get there. i wish i could have been there to meet you!