Monday, March 8, 2010

Everyday I have to stop and take many deep breaths.
No, I don't have health problems,
I have Aiden.
The boy is a ball of energy and into.every.little.thing.
Not much has changed since he became mobile as an infant,
except that now he can hear me say NO and STOP,
although he acts like he can't.
I'll use today as an example (and note, it's not even dinner time):

When Aiden is finished, he either starts throwing his food on the floor,
stuffing it down in his highchair, rubbing it in his hair,
smashing it through his fingers, or all of the above.
This morning he decided to also wear the bowl
(with some milk still in it) on his head.
He thinks he's funny (and he really is),
He also knows those eyes melt my heart.
Grocery Shopping
I don't know why I even try. Let's just say I shouldn't
have taken the extra time to check out all the new Spring
scents of air fresheners and I had a lot of boxes
torn open and Gogurt squished all over the cart.

After feeding him lunch (which I made the mistake of giving him
a sippy cup without the spill proof thingy and he proceeded
to shake it all over juice flying everywhere),
I decided to clean up the floors and therefore shake the rugs first.
I unlocked the front door and stepped outside,
closing it behind me and that little stinker
As I'm peering through the windows on each side of the door,
PLEADING for him to open the door, he stands there and
Thank GOD for a beautiful day and open windows, BUT
I quickly learned the screens won't come off from the outside unless
you unlock them from the inside first. I'm getting frantic by this point.
I run to the truck to search for a spare key and (thank GOD number 2),
Aiden's daddy left his toolbox in there from a weekend trip.
I get the screwdriver out and tear up the screen to crawl through the window
Aiden laughing and cheering me on the whole time.

Nap time.
During this time I sit to check emails and hear my phone ring ...
can't find it, but the ring leads me to ...
the trash can.
That must be where he ran off to as I was locked out.
Not too fun digging through the garbage
looking for a phone all while hearing Aiden playing in his crib.
...half hour later, STILL not sleeping.
I go up to check on him, since he's also very well known
to take off his pants and his diaper,
sometimes with an extra surprise (again not fun)! Sure enough,
there's my boy, bare bottomed, clean diapers thrown all over the room,
dirty diaper laying on the floor, and there he stood
holding a clean diaper and his pants out to me, Hard to discipline a little boy who can't hear you.
So I have to get his CIs and put them on.
(notice the mattress on the floor ... that's because he
also loves to climb out of his crib and nearly
broke his arm - I know, time for a big boy bed).
So after the third time of chasing him down,
changing his sheets, CIs on and off again,
and getting him BACK TO BED,
he finally fell asleep
with his pants on.

Forget the deep breaths.
I need a glass of wine.


Landry said...

Hang in there!!

I have totally scrapped going grocery shopping with both girls. They're wonderfully behaved, but there's just no room in the cart for food! :)

Have you tried I resisted it for a long time, but have come to LOVE it. The delivery fee is between $9.99 and $12.99 depending on how much advance notice you give them and I figure I save at LEAST that much by not grabbing things impulsively while wandering down the aisles. It forces me to make a conscious order rather than shopping randomly and still getting home with nothing for dinner! :)

Give it a shot...your first delivery is free.

Kat said...

It is a hard liquor kind of night for you, sister! Keep smiling, keep writing and know that you just made a bunch of crazed moms laugh because we understand your situation. I have to say that you've got to love the fact that he is pretending to wear his bowl as a truly is a sign of cognitive development and intelligence.

Cheers from Texas! -Kat

leah said...


I'm not laughing AT you, I'm laughing WITH you. Honestly!

And I'm sending over a nice, big bottle of wine.

I seriously love Aiden!

The Brights said...

Laughing as well! As a mother of two little boys, I am allowed, right?

What a (cute) turkey!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Ha ha ha! It's much funnier through age and distance... glad you can laugh in the midst of it, too :o)

He's looking like such a big boy!


tammy said...

I have to say that I laughed too(and shook my head and believe me, took MANY DEEP BREATHS) and can't help but love my little man's personality. It does make for a long day, although interesting ones. haha Guess I'm lucky that it's my third who is this way and not my first! lol

I am so checking out the thing! And you're right, I always get extra stuff not on my list ... now I'm all excited to experiment this!