Monday, March 22, 2010


This past Wednesday was Aiden's second birthday. I can't believe he is already two years old! In honor of his birthday we had a family get together at his aunt's house to sing "Happy Birthday", eat lots of yummy food, and smack around a pinata. Since our little leprechaun is a St. Patty's Day baby, his daddy's family is all Irish, and St. Patrick's Day fell in the middle of the workweek, we decided to combine it with honoring St. Patrick too! I'm sure Aiden's birthdays will always be quite the festivity.

I love how baby k's mom posts updates at milestone dates, so decided to start doing the same with Aiden ... especially since I'm not good at getting the baby books filled in!

At two years old Aiden:
*is a hefty little guy weighing in at 30 pounds

*wears size 5 diapers, but is well on his way to size 6 (which mommy's procrastinating because there are a lot fewer in a size 6 vs. a size 5)

*wears a size 2T shirt and pants

*loves Elmo and dancing to Laurie Berkner

*loves playing Wii with his sister and wrestling around with his brother

*favors his daddy over his mommy, unless dad isn't around, then mom rocks the world

*loves cereal, deli turkey meat, yogurt, bananas, and honey buns

*cannot have anything of value in fear that he will throw it in the toilet, trash, or down the laundry shoot

*still loves LIGHTS and FANS which all have to be "on" all.the.time.

*still climbs onto EVERY.LITTLE.THING he can

*is starting to initiate imagination play by himself, with all the great sounds included, such as cooking in his play kitchen, zooming vehicles around the kitchen floor, playing at his train table, and even playing "listening check" with his rings and Lego's

*has become quite the "organizer" and likes to sing the clean up song ("mmm up, mmm up") as he puts things away (sometimes without being asked!)

*loves bathtime and will even take our hand and lead us upstairs, saying "mmm on" (come on) when he wants to take one

*loves to "help" mommy sweep, feed the cats, fold the laundry, and empty the dishwasher.

*has to get a goodnight kiss on his head from everyone and has his own special "I love you"

*loves to throw everything out of his crib, all the diapers out of the stacker (attached to his crib which I really need to move), then proceed to take off his pants and diaper and pee in his crib in protest to naptime which I refuse to give up yet.

*is showing signs he's ready to be potty trained (see above), but for some reason, mom is just not mentally ready *deep breath*

At two years old, Aiden LOVES to hear and shows us this by:

*replacing the coil all by himself when it falls off

*pointing to his ear as soon as he wakes up in the morning or from naptime and says "on"

*stopping to listen and pointing to sounds and expressing emotion toward it.

*taking off and handing me both his CIs himself when getting a shirt put on, at bathtime, and at bedtime (but only after he's laying down and we're done with prayers and I love yous), only to ask for them back as soon as he's through

*repeating almost all the Lings during a listening check - oo and ee still aren't quite there although the sound he does make for them is quite consistent.

*receptively understanding SO much, including countless nouns, many verbs, and many, many commands.

*imitating so much more and really starting to come along expressively.


We are so proud of you!


leah said...

I love it! He's growing so quickly- his face even looks more "toddler" than "baby" now... and he's learning things so fast! Happy birthday, Aiden!

Tammy, he is so cute- those blue eyes would have me giving in to him at every turn.

Lone Star Couple said...

Happy birthday Aiden!! I love to see him grow and learn. You both give me so much hope! I loved his hearing birthday video, so beautiful. I started to make one for K a while ago, I'm hoping it turns out half as great as yours! Thanks for sharing.

Kel said...

Happy birthday, kiddo - what a big boy you are!

FutureBionicEar Mom said...

Happy Birthday Aiden! It also my daughter's birthday. He is learning everyday with new words and sounds.

I just went bilateral last Thursday and it great. You can tell the difference with the CIs and the HAs. The CIs are the best.

Hope your routine has slow down a bit because when you were living in Md you were on the run. Looking forward to read more of Aiden's hearing journey.

The Brights said...

Hope you had a great birthday, little man!

We've watched Aiden grow since you started blogging. What an amzing little boy!

Thanks for sharing your world!

Melanie said...

What a cutie. Happy birthday.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Aiden!! Great post - he is doing so well. Keep up the good work. He looks so much more like a little boy now rather than a toddler.

Tiffany & Tristan said...

Happy belated birthday sweet Aiden boy!! I can't believe the tiny little infant I watched while pregnant is 2 years old and that baby I was pregnant with is 18 months old. Where does time go?? Wish you were here to play with us. :)

Jenny- Sienna's mom said...

Happy Birthday Aiden! What a great post, summarizing his life at 2 years old!