Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hello Little Boy

Aiden's daddy busted out the clippers yesterday and gave Aiden a not-so-little haircut.
I didn't realize how much hair he had until it was all said and GONE.
I loved all his waves, but bye-bye waves.
And bye-bye toddler ...
my baby looks like such a little boy now!

This calmness didn't last too long.

No thanks dad, I'll go without this 1960's do.

Please Lord, let this be over with!

and after a pretty good struggle, some tears, hair EVERYWHERE, and a good bath,
we have a smiling LITTLE BOY again.

I didn't realize how much of his hair had covered up his CIs. We really didn't see the coil or wires too much with all that hair he had, just the processors. Plus the beige CIs blended in with his blonde hair. Seeing his equipment "pop out" so much more now was like a push back into reality that, wow, our little boy is deaf. I hate that he has to wear these, but thank God everyday for the miracle of Cochlear Implants.
I like his new haircut, and come to think of it, his coils stay on
SO much better with his shorter hair
and not to mention ...

... he is PRETTY DANG CUTE with it!


leah said...

Oh my goodness, he went from "baby" to "boy" in one haircut! He is adorable- love the new "do!"

Lucas'Mommy said...

I love it! He looks so grown up!

Kel said...

Super cute!! We go through the same adjustment with his CI every time we cut Danny's hair, because they hide so well with the longer hair.

Joybell74 said...

Thanks for checking my blog! My Joey is Joseph Ayden, so our boys have a name in common as well as hearing loss....

Melanie said...

AAH! He looks so old. I refuse to cut Noah's long hair...although I may have to at some point because his coils just don't stick as well.

The Brights said...


The one picture from the back reminds me of Tayten the summer we went to JTC. His hair was so short and blonde!

When coils start coming off, we know it's time for a haircut!

Kat said...

Goodness! He sure does look like his daddy!

misskri said...

Wow...its amazing how much Aiden "grew" with one haircut!!! He is soooo adorable:-) Dad did good as barber. Jim cut Jonathan's hair once ~ years ago ~ I will never let him do it again (to either of our boys)!! lol

PinkLAM said...

I love the haircut, he looks so handsome! While the coils may be staying on better, you might want to loosen the magnets just a tad. I know some guys say that the magnet can be a little too strong after a big haircut, and even when I straighten my (thick, curly) hair, I need to loosen the magnets, or else I get a headache. You probably already knew that, but better safe than sorry!

tammy said...

Thanks all!

PinkLAM, thanks for the tip! This is why I love following teens/adult user with CIs who can tell me these type of things! I have been checking the magnets quite a bit since his haircut. While I haven't seen any redness, I never thought it could give him a headache. I just went and moved them out some! Thanks again!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh, they always do look so much older. *sigh*

I know this wasn't where you were going with your comment of the coils being more visible being a reminder that he is deaf, but you reminded me of something.

It's not such a bad thing to have the coils more visible. My friend Denise (at Hearing Elmo) is an adult with CI's. She makes a point of dressing them up with bright colors and "bling" because she really wants people to notice them. Even with the CI's she doesn't hear perfectly, and when people notice them they tend to be more understanding when she requests clarification/repeats, etc.

And besides, that boy of yours looks absolutely adorable with his new haircut! Good job Dad!