Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Listening Room Activity of the Week

Check out THIS quick, easy to create preschool activity that The Listening Room has posted this week. (note - you'll have to sign in in order to be taken to the appropriate page I've linked to. If you haven't signed up on this site, do so TODAY! They have weekly activities, PLUS a ton of other wonderful resources to help you and your child learn to listen and speak! You can sign up here) All you need is the printout, a Pringles can, some glue, and objects that represent the pictures on the printout!

When I saw this activity, I thought it'd be a perfect way to 1) get Aiden's siblings involved in an easy to play, after school activity and 2) introduce a new activity (gotta change 'em up quite frequently or Aiden gets bored and doesn't want to "play"), yet continue to work towards the same goal of getting him to label objects with their noun name instead of just with the sound they make.

Although Aiden currently associates, and vocalizes, most of these sounds with the appropriate object, we're still struggling getting a good /oo/ and /ee/ out of him. I can say we FINALLY have the rounding of the lips and now we're just searching for the sound that goes with it! Ahhhh, one day it will come.


leah said...

Awesome activity! I haven't looked on the site in a while- thanks for reminding us to check it out!

Interesting with the /oo/ /ee/ sound issue... Nolan can't discriminate /oo/ for some reason, and will say /mm/ or /ee/ if my mouth is hidden. Must be a low frequency loss issue for Nolan, but I think it is interesting that Aiden also has issues with those sounds.

Miss Kat's Parents said...

The second formant of the sounds are very close in frequency, but the first formant is different. It sounds like a low frequency or MAPing issue.

tammy said...

I'm at a loss. We've been having more than regular mapping sessions, and he responds to the sounds, but just doesn't produce them. He is very nasally when he does try and usually "sucks in" air (like taking a deep breath) instead of letting it flow out. We're working on some oral motor activities to try and help fix this. BUT, since his last mapping, I have noticed he's trying to say the /oo/ more, but isn't repeating /m/ as much and I know they're very close on the speech banana and can get confused easily. Oh how I hate the CI mapping game.