Monday, February 14, 2011

IEP Meeting Success

We made it through Aiden's IEP meeting without any black eyes. Actually, there weren't any conflicts at all. He qualified for auditory training, speech and language therapy, and physical therapy. Our local school district was very cooperative and didn't bat an eye at any of the services we asked from them, the big one for them to send Aiden to an out of district oral preschool for kids with hearing loss (and will also offer him PT and audiology), including transportation to and from. No problem.

The only thing they really piped up on was in our favor and asked the school personnel at the preschool we chose for Aiden if they had any GT (gifted and talented) services because his cognitive functioning (IQ) was so high. Tell me I wasn't smiling that big ol' proud momma grin.

We didn't sign anything yet because we want to go over it again with our AVT and RIHP (Regional Infant Hearing Program) coordinator. The goals they set are very general at this point. I understand they need the time to evaluate Aiden using their curriculum tests, and after a couple months will have a much better feel for where he's at and how he's performing. I'm okay with this (for now), yet wonder if I should be?!? I mean, he's going to be in a preschool setting where the main focus of everything they do incorporates learning language and learning to listen. I think I am still going to push for some specific ones to be set that we've been working on at home though. The good thing is, is that he'll only be there half days (five days a week) for 2 1/2 months until summer break and then we'll call another IEP at the beginning of next school year to update his goals and objectives. At that point, they'll know Aiden and together, we can come up with more specific goals that can also include his growth over the summer.

We set a start date of March 14th, three days before his third birthday. At the end we walked down to meet his teacher. Aiden walked right in, took a look around (the kids were just getting up from nap), tore off his jacket and headed over to lay down like the other 5 or 6 kids were doing (very small classes!). He didn't want to leave. My heart melted.

A smooth IEP meeting PLUS watching Aiden walk right in like he's been there forever EQUALS tons of stress off mom's shoulders. Still having trouble letting go, but definitely less stressed! Now if I can only get through my daughter's process this easy.

More on the evaluation, transition, IEP process to come! Oh, and on the preschool we selected.


Lucas'Mommy said...

Sorry I've been missing... I'm so glad that your IEP transition went well, and you got everything you wanted. I wish we had (any) oral deaf preschool options, but we don't! Can't wait to hear where he's going! We might be coming to Columbus this summer in early July! I'll keep you posted... hopefully before you head to JTC!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh that IS good news :D

And for my two cents, I wouldn't worry about the IEP being fairly general when you only have 2 1/2 months of school and will rewrite/re-evaluate for next year.

Aiden is going to SOAR!


leah said...

I am so, so happy that he has a great IEP in place!

I am sure Aiden's preschool will challenge him. Nolan also scored extremely high on the IQ test (I don't mention this on my blog, but both boys scored in the highest category of the WPPSI-III test). The school district has labeled him "Twice Exceptional," meaning he has a "disability" and is gifted. Our local school district has a Discovery program (for gifted kids), but I'm not sure what grade that starts in. I hope your district has something similar!