Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

Okay, so I'm joining the bandwagon of a few of my favorite blogs. I love reading posts like these, just not good at keeping up with a weekly theme. So if it's here again next Tuesday, "Yay me!", but good chance it won't be two Tuesdays from now.

1. I can't believe I completely forgot to write a blog post about "THE BINKY!" Aiden has been binky free for nearly a good month now! CAN I GET A WOO HOO! We were losing them left and right and I refused to buy new ones. So after the last one disappeared (and believe me, I had NOTHING to do with it, although I'm sure "the other parent" may have), he was done. I found two of them within a week and immediately threw them in the trash (well actually, I stashed one for emergency purposes, but it hasn't been needed). How 'bout my little man going cold turkey?!? I think I miss it more than he does.

2. I am a list maker. I run in circles if I don't have my list. There could be 1001 things needing to get done, but if I don't have a piece of paper with every.little.thing written down, I start on lots of little things, but accomplish ZERO. ZILCH. NOTHING. I also like the physical (and very mental) aspect of crossing things off my list as they're completed. I know, OCD/ADD/whatever ... yep, a little (ok, maybe a lot) of each, but someone needs to take control and get things done.

3. Aiden starts preschool in 12 days and counting. Secretly, I am so excited. I hate to lose my little sidekick, but the boy is becoming quite unruly these days and listens to ZERO. I've had to come up with a timeout chair - which he sits and laughs at me as he sits there. I have seriously thought of telling him to take all his clothes off and run around naked just for the mere fact that he would then let me dress him without going 10 rounds. Anything I say, he goes completely against. I think aliens have taken over my son's mind and body.

4. Kailyn and I had the best girl's day this weekend. We started with each of us getting an eye exam (I know, not so fun, but poor honey has my bad eyesight and she needed new glasses and I needed contacts to keep others safe on the roads - from me), a trip to Barnes and Noble, and then a movie. We saw Just Go With It . LOVED IT! and I was so excited to actually laugh at practically all the previews. It's about time a bunch of good flicks were on there way out.

5. This is the year my first born, Ryan, will surpass me in height. I'm a good 5' 8" and he's right there by me - at 14 years old - and in a size 11 shoe. He walks past me and pats me on the head with that shit eating grin on his face (yes, the same one he passed on to his little brother). I told him though, beware, growing taller than me just means if you make me mad, I get the broom.

6. Bella has made a good adjustment into our family. We all love her to pieces, except two people - the man who didn't want a dog in the house to begin with (although even he says she's a good dog, which is HUGE) and the girl who cried all year long that all she wanted for Christmas was a dog. Ya. Go figure.

7. That same little girl mentioned in #6 above, asked for a HORSE today. Are you kidding me?!? You know, because they're so much less responsibility. Oh my. I feel for her future husband. lol

8. I am trying to make do with my biweekly grocery shopping items and cook with what I have in my pantry, fridge and freezer and NOT run to the grocery store every.single.time I need one ingredient. Because that ONE thing typically ends up being TEN things. Our monthly grocery bills have been outrageous because of impromptu trips like these. So tonight I needed a can of tomato soup, but instead pureed up some tomatoes with some tomato sauce and added in my own spices. The recipe actually came out better and I'm sure I saved myself $50 plus easily.

9. Many prayers are being said to St. Anthony again lately, who is the Catholic Patron Saint of lost things. My stomach is sick. We have not been able to find one of Aiden's beige CIs for nearly a week now. I KNOW it's in this house as it was discovered missing in the morning, and Aiden hadn't been out of the house the whole day before. One of those, Aiden's daddy thought I put it up and I thought he put it up, but come to find out in the morning, neither of us put it up. The only thing I can think of is it is clung onto some metal contraption. I'm getting nervous I may have to use my one time lost replacement card. Ugh.

10. and a little humor to end - while choosing which movie to see with Kailyn, I said to her, "You know honey. This movie is PG-13 (she's 10) and there may be things I'm not sure you should see or hear." Kailyn, "Like a bunch of swear words?" me (thinking more along the lines of what kind of sexual content a pg-13 could have) "Exactly honey, the swear words." Her, "Don't worry mom, I've heard them all from you. I'll be ok." Lovely. ; )


Lone Star Family said...

woo hoo!! congrats on getting rid of the binky!! I hope to be free of ours sooner than later.

Herding Grasshoppers said...

And another woo-hoo from me! I remember going cold turkey on the binky. Turned out to be a non-event. Hallelujah :D

12 days to preschool?!?!



Melanie said...

HA HA HA! Love K's comment. Aiden is going to do SO GREAT at preschool. My boys can be the same way--so the measly 5 hours a week I have away from them has done wonders for both of us. I think Aiden and my boys may share a brain. I tell them that they are like little deranged chipmunks sometimes...can't wait to meet you all. When is your next WI trip?

Lily's Mom said...

I'll be praying you can find the CI. When one of Lily's comes off and we can't find it, we ask for her help. "Lily, where's your ear?" Most of the time, she can remember where she lost it and go to it. However, sometimes she is no help and we have to start praying. :) I would love to get together and let the kids play. I have spring break the last week of March. I'll be in Columbus Tuesday (3/29) and Wednesday (3/30) of that week. Email me if either of those days would work for you. If not, we can think of something else. I would love to meet Aiden. :)