Friday, May 27, 2011

for the LOVE of brothers

one of my favorites of my boys

Last night as I was cleaning up the dinner dishes,
Ryan and his girlfriend, Anna,
were playing with Aiden in the living room.
Aiden ADORES Anna (or "nana" as he calls her).
He adores his brother too, BUT,
when Anna's around, he's all about the girls.
SO cute.

Out of the blue, I hear Aiden yell at Ryan,

"Ryan stop! No mommy's phone!"

count them - FIVE words - TOGETHER.
each one of them, CLEAR.AS.DAY.
an AMAZING possessive.
and exclamation points galore.


He knew Ryan wasn't supposed to have my phone without asking,
let everyone know it,
and marched it right back over to me.

Actually, he's been onto Ryan a lot lately,
(ryan loves to mess with him),
so Aiden's phrase of the month has been,

"Ryan, please stop!"

Ryan's been feeling the wrath of Aiden lately.

Later that night, after Kailyn was through reading
Aiden his bedtime books,
the four of us sat in Aiden's room chit-chatting.
Aiden ran over to his brother,
jumped on his belly, threw his arms around Ryan's neck,
planted a HUGE kiss on his cheek, and said,

"I wuv you Ryan!"

Needless to say, we all went to bed
smiling ear to ear.
especially Ryan.


leah said...

*Love this*

Amazing five words, Aiden!! It won't be long until he is speaking in paragraphs (don't say I didn't warn you)! :-D

Brothers are just the best!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Great news!

Ya gotta love brothers :D

Amy said...

First off I LOVE the layout/fonts of your blog. Very professional! The 5 word sentences are a milestone - that's fantastic! Yay Aiden. It's funny how he is with Ryan's girlfriend. Ava is the same way with my older daughter's boyfriend. She ignores her old sister but won't leave the boyfriend alone - its hilarious!