Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

1. I seem to start all these posts with "It's been a crazy week", so I won't this time. This month HAS BEEN INSANE and it's not going to stop until summer break gets here. My calendar is screaming out in pain with the heaviness of all the ink! (YAY me though for actually getting this out on Tuesday!)

2. I'm busy finalizing odds and ends for the "Royal Princesses", I mean, my niece's and Kailyn's First Communion party this Saturday. When it's all said and done, we will have celebrated three Confirmations (two of my nephews' and Ryan's) and two First Communions, all within two months. Things Remembered has become my best friend.

3. Last week Aiden had AVT on Thursday and then audiology on Friday. Not a big deal if we didn't drive over an hour to AV and two hours to audiology. Gas prices + an SUV = one stressed out momma. Thank God we have family close by to camp out at.

4. Speaking of insane gas prices, I'm trying to cut down on my errand running and do more online. What is your favorite online (and practical) place(s) to shop?

5. Write it down in the baby book! Aiden cooperated for the whole audiology appointment! This was our last appointment until we head HERE, so I was SO thankful we got across the board results on the left, right, and bilaterally with a very cooperative three year old! (more to come on this in a separate post).

6. My mom will be here this week for Kailyn's First Communion and I cannot wait! She'll be with us for a whole week after. This will be the first time ever that I get to spend time with her A-L-O-N-E! I've either always worked while she visits OR one (or all) of the kids are home with me. Hmmm .... wonder what room we can redecorate/paint? (hint-hint)

7. Two field trips with Aiden's class are in my near future. Tomorrow we're visiting all the new babies at the farm and next week we're heading to the zoo. Fun fun!

8. I'm in the process of building an ark. Yes, an ark. This rain has been non.stop.and.I'm so.over.it! Yesterday we were given a 70 degree clear skies teaser day. I was so excited until I looked at the ten day forecast: rain, thunderstorms, repeat.fortenstraightdays. I thought I moved to Ohio, not Washington. Bright side - our grass is very green!

9. and with all this rain, brings all these weeds (in a field by our house), in which Aiden has become the official weed picker ... in his sister's shoes ... and jammie bottoms ... with crazy hair.

10. In the midst of all my craziness, I decided very last minute to take a mental health day (yes, I need these as a stay at home mom even more so then when I worked for a paycheck). and after those "oh so fun" state standardized tests last week, I let my daughter take one too. We started our day with a pedicure, had lunch at her favorite restaurant, then came home and enjoyed the sun as we prettied up the driveway with chalk. It was AWESOME and our piggies are flip flop ready!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh hurray for your "Mental Health" day! (We call them PTO days around here :D )

And the Toothless Wonder is adorable! He did so well!

Hope you get some sunshine. We could sure use it too,


Melanie said...

Cuteness! Love bed head and pj bottoms. And as a former teacher, I agree that standardized tests suck the life out of you. I am sure K appreciated the break. So glad the audi appointment went well! I told you it would get better...

leah said...

I love the mommy-daughter day - what fun! Aiden is really cute with his bed-head out in the field - gotta take advantage of those breaks in the rainy weather. Hopefully we'll all get a nice summer!