Friday, June 10, 2011

dear flu

it's the beginning of summer break!
if you are going to run through our family
please do it now,
before our Wisconsin trip,
and definitely before our trip,
to California.

poor Aiden has had the wrath of you,
(first time ever),
for the past two nights.
which means,
so have I.

and now of course,
he's feeling better at 10:00am,
even though he was still throwing up
at 5:00am. I've had very little sleep
for two nights straight, and he's
decided to take the form of the energizer bunny,
when all I want to do is
take the form of the couch.

on a positive note,
we've had some good practice with
the following vocabulary:
flu, sick, belly, bucket, puke, throwing up, all better;
(which we've talked about this morning because he
wanted NOTHING to do with his CIs while he was sick, except
for the first night as I read to him at 12:30 am)
and which he used, as he handed me his cup of pedialyte,
in exchange for chocolate milk,
"mommy belly all better."

note to self:
next time you're at the drugstore with your daughter,
and she asks if you need a flu shot in the summer,
don't jinx yourself (and the whole family) by saying,
"no, you usually don't get the flu in the summer."
which of course, that same night, it all started.


leah said...

Oh, NO! I really don't like the flu. Get well SOON!!!

Amy said...

I love how you can still turn this into a language opportunity with the new vocab for Aiden "puke" "bucket". Love it and your spirit! Get well soon!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh noooooo!

Hope you're well for your trips.