Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ten on Tuesday

NUMBER ONE on the list - My little monkey is potty trained! Can I get a woo hoo! He's still having an accident or two during the day, and I still have to stop him and tell him to go potty, but by golly, we're doing lots of happy dances throughout the day! The trick that finally worked - the sticker chart and m&ms!

2. I have emailed nearly everyone I know who has gone to JTC and am meeting with another local mom who went last year to see all her pictures. (and if you haven't heard from me, and you've gone, umm excuse me, please let me know, I need to get in contact with you asap). With all this great advice (and my little OCD), I have made a plethora of lists, including: what to pack, what to buy there, recent speech samples, thoughts/questions, aiden's reports to bring, to do before we leave, places to visit while there - I think I need to make a list of what lists I need to make ... just kidding (maybe not), seriously, I'm really not that bad.

3. Aiden's favorite book right now is, Poor Puppy. I used this for a writing lesson with my fourth graders. I LOVE(d) this book. It's been part of our nightly reading for the past many, many, many weeks. What drives me crazy, it's been excellent in helping him with his /p/ and he can say "poor puppy" perfectly; but pig is still "kig" and potty is still "hotty".

4. Aiden's speech therapist from early intervention was able to fit him in for six sessions around our busy schedule this summer. I'm so excited because 1) Aiden loves playing with Ms. Cheryl and 2) it's only 5 minutes from my house.

5. For a good week, my niece becomes my fourth child in the summer (besides the fact that I love her, she keeps Kailyn busy which is huge). She came to go camping with us in Wisconsin, but after all that fretting of whether to go our not, I had to cancel our trip. Aiden had the flu, then I got the flu, and now Aiden has a cold. Sure, why not. I am so bummed, but already planning a possible August or Labor Day trip AND so glad all this ewwy sickness is hitting us before we leave to California.

6. and, we're still having fun. We've been to the zoo, the park, eating ice cream nearly every.single.day, praying it doesn't rain so they can swim and ride bikes, and of course, staying up late giggling to the wee hours of the morning (the little girls anyway).

7. and since we didn't head to Wisconsin, and I'm single-momming it right now, one of my SILs and her two boys are coming in for the rest of the week. we're going to try canoeing, find some state parks to venture through, grill it up, swim, sit around the fire drinking our favorite cocktails, and stay up late giggling to the wee hours of the morning (now add in the big girls) : ).

8. last night the girls asked if they could have ice cream for dinner. at first I laughed, but why not? it's summer and I really didn't feel like cooking AND how fun is that!

9. Summer yumminess to me is all kinds of fresh juicy fruit, anything grilled, and a delicious salad to go with it. I'm looking for new ones to add to my list. I made a three bean salad for today, making taco salad for tomorrow, and bought the stuff to try this one and this one. What's your favorite summer salad? Do share!

10. With all these kids in my house, I'm also looking for refreshing summer cocktail recipes. I bought the stuff to try this one. What is your favorite ... and yes, do share, and hurry, kids are about to overtake my house.


leah said...

I can't wait until you go to JTC - I want to live vicariously through your blog! :-)

We see the same thing with Nolan: we're working on fronting and he gets it with some words, but he still pronounces some "old" words in the same way (he'll say "Cat" but then calls candy "tandy"). Our SLP thinks it is just engrained and become a habit. Same thing with "nilt" for milk (sigh).

Have some fun summer nights: ice cream for dinner sounds like a wonderful idea! :-D

Miss Kat's Parents said...

We went to JTC 2 summers ago. What do you want to know?

Jennifer said...

I am in need of some new cocktails myself! I will check and see if you get any good ones. JTC is supposed to be amazing. Hope you enjoy it.