Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ten on Tuesday

1. Tomorrow we start another new AVT (auditory verbal therapy) adventure. We will still see Dr. Don every 2-3 months, but due to not being able to see him weekly (he's 2 hours away and if you haven't noticed, gas prices are CrAzY - especially with a SUV), we are starting weekly teleconferencing sessions with a new AVT and tomorrow we're heading to Akron so Aiden can meet his new friend and get everything set up. As Aiden said tonight, "It not Dr. Don." No buddy, not Dr. Don, but I'm sure it'll still be a lot of fun!

2. I am very excited to get this going. There is something about weekly sessions. I thought that once to twice a month would be okay, but there truly is something about the whole accountability thing. I'm really hoping the teleconferencing thing works for us, because between all of our kid's crazy schedules, this seems to fit in so much better.

3. To prepare for tomorrow's session with our new AVT, I made up a packet of information on Aiden, similar to the booklet I put together for our first IEP. I added in recent language samples, a chart of past language test scores, and all of his most recent evaluations (mainly from JTC). 

4. As I went through Aiden's audiograms and made copies, I couldn't believe how much he has fluctuated from map to map. At one point last year, he tested at 65 in the low frequencies! That's insane. His maps have had such huge fluctuations in the past two years, it's no wonder my baby is still behind expressively. We have had a pretty stable map about nine to twelve months now, but still not consistently at 20-25db across all frequencies as I'd like to see. He still drops to 35-40db here and there, hence the reason of seeing our audiologist every three months. 

5. He is still making good strides this year in all areas, but he definitely still has his off days. There are some days where he consistently loses his balance and those same days I can barely understand a word he says. Something's missing and I just can't put my finger on it. I voiced my concerns with his PT, SLP, and OT and all three of them agreed with me and suggested he be seen by a neurologist, "just to see and rule everything out" to make sure nothing else is going on. They all see both sides of him. So the referral was sent in and the appt made - for MAY. wow.

6. Do any of you/your children have a map with a higher pulse width? I don't fully understand it, but at Aiden's last mapping appointment (in December), a wider pulse width was needed to obtain NRTs on his right ear (which we've always had trouble getting NRTs on). His audiologist then proceeded to create and try out a new map with this slight increase in pulse width (increased to 37). As she adjusted it, Aiden was fine, but by the end he was burying his head in my chest and not liking it what-so-ever. We immediately turned it off and went back to square one (pulse width of 25) and adjusted based on phoneme repetition. Just curious. We go back next month for booth testing.

7. I LOVE this picture of my silly boy.

8. I CHERISH our "therapy Thursdays" together. We start out with an OT session and then the rest of the day is just ours. I really need to blog his OT sessions (and AMAZING therapist) - I have so much to share. We have noticed though that when he comes in with "slush mouth" (jumbled speech), within fifteen minutes of heavy work, he's speaking a lot crisper. He LOVES his OT and is quite the performer for her!

9. Took this picture of a beautiful sunrise the other morning from K's bedroom window. Bliss.

10. that's it. hope you enjoy your week. i will. i get two days with my boy ... tomorrow and thursday! As Aiden says, "No school tomorrow. Stay home mommy!" Ya buddy!!! i.love.it!


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh my - what a GORGEOUS sunrise picture, and what an EXUBERANT and FUN Aiden picture!

Hope the teleconferencing works, because gas is awful right now. Weird... we live within an hour of two? or is it three? refineries, and our prices are crazy high. It's like sugar being expensive in Hawaii, where they grow sugar cane. *sigh*

You're doing a great job with your kids :D


Melanie said...

LOVE the teleconferencing idea. Noah's AVT runs a similar program. It is imcredible. AVT services available to all. Not just those who live close. Life changing stuff. Let's catch up soon. :)

dlefler said...

I love that picture of Aiden - that boy is joy personified! The sunrise is beautiful, too - we haven't actually seen the sun in a couple of weeks, and I miss it greatly!

Teleconferencing sounds like a great idea. We considered it for Nolan (through Chattering Children), but we ended up staying with our current services since we managed to get a TOD who is familiar with AVT techniques.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tammy,

Good luck with Aiden. From what I can tell (and have been told), he is doing great.

I also just read your blog on Kailyn. I can relate with your frustrations on teachers. Ben was struggling with language arts last year and his teacher then said "he is doing fine, but I don't see him being anything more than a C student next year". If that isn't encouragement, I don't know what is. His language arts teacher this year worked hard with him and would tell him how great of a writer he really is. Now this year he is getting A's and B's on all his assignments (in all classes), and had an overall grade of 95% for this quarter in language arts. Best of all, I don't have to "fight" him to do his writing homework any more.

Hopefully you will find the right teachers that will help K see what she can achieve and she will feel better about herself.:)

Hope to see you on your next visit,