Thursday, March 15, 2012

HeLLo SuNsHiNe!

It has been absolutely beautiful out! And gorgeous weather = parktime! We went the other day after A got out of school (have I mentioned how much I LOVE having my afternoons back with him!). As I sat back and watched him, I was amazed at how far he's come gross motor wise. There is NO.THING better for OT and PT challenges than the.PARK. Last summer he made leaps and bounds (which I attribute to all our park visits), but watching him on this particular day I was amazed how he was a madman running, climbing, and all over the place with NO falls!

This same day, a little boy came up to Aiden and asked, "How old are you?" Aiden looked him right in the eye and belted out (with great confidence), "I four years old!"

Okay - first off, he's three for a few more days, but I loved how he wanted to take this stance of "I'm a big boy and can hang with the big boys"; and second, he typically never looks at, much less talks to, any strange child or adult without me urging him to answer back. This momma was smiling ear to ear.

A couple days before, I got all three of my kids to come outside and enjoy some fresh park air. Ryan and I played a few good games of tether ball while K & A played hide-n-seek and ran around.

 my girlie-girl.
mom's boys.

 we played 'til the sun went down
(then went out for chocolate shakes!)

my life.

Hope you are getting to enjoy some sun-shiney rays too ... perfect therapy for the mind & soul.


Melanie said...


dlefler said...

Oh, I love it! The sunshine, the socialization, all of it! Four was a banner year for Nolan - his social "issues" (i.e. not interacting with any other child) disappeared and he began to really interact with the other kids at the playground, etc. I hope four is a great year for Aiden, too!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Good news! Enjoy the sunshine for us, okay ;D

Love that picture of all three of your kids - they're looking so grown up! Especially your oldest - wow!

Good job, Aiden, and happy almost-four!


Amy said...

Love the pictures and the weather. We have been outside going to the park and on picnics. So NICE to have those afternoons back. My afternoons with Ava are limited - she starts full day kindergarten this fall (that really sucks!) Enjoy! said...

gotta love springtime lovley sunshine and blue skies which you can have a nice walk about bet u burst with pride when he said he was four yrs old xx

Unknown said...

You have a beautiful family and a first class blog...xxxx