Friday, June 1, 2012

in which something breaks

Aiden's collarbone that is. Yep, our first broken bone in this household. I've been a mom for almost 16 years, so I'm pretty happy this is just the first (knock on wood) and pray to God it's the last. With my little monkey though, who knows what's ahead!

So it started as trying out his new big boy bike. A bright orange, very cool, Harley Davidson themed Schwinn with training wheels, compliments of grandma. He just wanted to try it out.

So my husband guided him down the driveway. Not more than 30 seconds later, he turned the handle bars too fast and was over before my husband could catch him. Shoulder took the brunt, then the head.

I know, I know, where was his helmet? There wasn't one. Don't judge.

So after assessing the damage - huge goose egg on head, bruised shoulder, and a very upset, shaking, little boy (who honestly rarely cries) we decided to take him to Urgent Care to get him checked out. While at Urgent Care he started falling in and out of sleep on his daddy's lap. They assessed him, called the children's hospital, and decided to transport him in since he was showing signs of concussion.

As the paramedics hovered around and over him, he couldn't see us but,

he could HEAR us.

He heard mom's and dad's voices comforting him the whole time. He heard us as we talked about everything that was happening. He heard us tell him we were going to the hospital to fix his shoulder. He was able to perform simple tasks that the paramedics (or drs at the ER) asked him to do.

He didn't cry. He showed no signs of fear. He didn't fight anything.

and I attribute it all through the fact that he could HEAR our voices.

My husband rode with him in the ambulance and I met them there. He's VERY attached to daddy right now, and as much as I wanted to climb in with him, I knew he wanted his daddy by him. Plus his daddy is much calmer than I am, and kids pick up on those things.

His daddy sent me this picture from the ambulance to let me now he was doing better. His daddy knows me pretty well and knew I needed this.
Can you believe he didn't fight this!?! He even tries to smile in this situation! Seriously the happiest boy I know.
By the time I got to the hospital, he was sitting up on his own, and back to himself. It really scared me how he wouldn't wake up and kept falling in and out of sleep at the urgent care center. So when I saw him sitting up on his dad's lap and he said, "Hi mom!" as I walked into the ER, I felt a bit more relieved.
at the ER.
Of course we went there without a t-shirt or shoes (we had to cut his shirt off him because he screamed so badly when we tried to take it off). AND, of course he had Jackson Pollock paint day at school that day, so he had paint in his ears, his hair, his feet, etc. All the medics kept saying things all worried, "Is his ear bleeding?" or, "There's blood here in his hair." or my favorite, "His feet, what's all over his feet?!"It was actually quite amusing. and of course this is how the story goes ... it's how we roll.

He got his first x-rays - which again, thanks to his CI, he was able to listen and do as the technician needed him to. I called one of my bffs, this CI mommy, as I was a nervous wreck on the way to the hospital. She calmed me and suggested I call Cochlear. I was VERY impressed at their quick response to get me in touch with a pediatric audiologist who reassured me that a x-ray and/or cat scan would be fine, but to just take off his CIs. They also suggested to get his maps checked soon, especially with the head trauma and his EVA.
first x-ray
my brave boy eating a lollipop as we wait for X-ray results
of course you get a chocolate shake anytime there is an ER visit
home resting. His sissy was so worried!
and check out those feet and nails from paint day! ew. but goes so well with the story.
and of course, the AV mom in me was snapping away, because just think of all the vocabulary we get to talk about now! Experience book in the making.


Melanie said...

Oh my. And of course I love the paint everywhere! Glad he is still smiling.

Diary Of A Broken Child said...

so glad hes ok! what a brave little guy!

Diary Of A Broken Child said...
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Herding Grasshoppers said...

LOVE that pic of him trying to smile in the ambulance :D

But how scary for all of you! Praying for a good recovery and thanking God it wasn't much worse,


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Aiden is okay. I am waiting for Sydney to do the same thing on her bike. I think the training wheels make the bikes even more tippy.

Well, you beat me, I had 10 good Mom years before a broken bone. By the way, when Sydney broke her elbow, all she wanted to do is go to sleep too. I think that is a kids way of dealing with the pain.

See you soon,


Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

He is so stinking brave! And you are too!

dlefler said...

I am so, so glad it was "just" the collarbone and not his head! I hope he recovers from it quickly - and love the AVT Mama snapping pictures, haha - I do the same thing.

Danielle said...

Phew so glad he is okay!

Alice said...

Corrigan's response to the ambulance pic: "OMG, he even looks cute there!" Hope it's a speedy recovery.

Jennifer said...

Wow! That must have been scary. I didn't realize he had been transported to a different hospital. Glad he is on the mend. I coulndn't agree more about him being able to hear and not being as scared. Something most people take for granted.

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