Saturday, June 2, 2012

Two Great Articles on Hearing Aids

Even though it's a distant memory of having to put hearing aids on Aiden, I have been in contact with a lot of families recently who are just starting their journey and currently in a world of "FEEDBACK". Leah, a dear friend of mine whose sweet little Nolan has hearing loss and wears bilateral hearing aids, is an amazing advocate and knowledge bank on hearing loss (and many other avenues). She is also the author of SAY WHAT?.

Unfortunately, (and sadly) a lot of insurance companies do not cover hearing aids. This first article discusses different programs families can look into to help pay for them plus a lot of other great information. So even if your child already has hearing aids, still check it out.

Her next article is a great video tutorial where Leah does an amazing job discussing different ways you can test your child's hearing aids to make sure they are working properly through the Ling 6 sound test. THIS is another great page talking about the Ling 6.

Wow. Did that video bring me back. Otoease, feedback, checking the ling 6 with a hearing aid stethoscope. And for those of you who are on a hearing aid trial and know your child will most likely be getting cochlear implants, it is still so important to go through all this. One, you never know what your child is hearing, and two, even if your child doesn't hear the lings, it prepares you and your child for the daily listening checks and starts introducing them to the Ling 6. This is the same listening check we use every single day to make sure Aiden is hearing what he is supposed to through his cochlear implants. If he has trouble repeating one or more Lings back, it's a good indicator he may need a new map/program.


Melanie said...

LOVE these. You rock, Leah.

Susannah said...

i, too, have been talking to some newly diagnosed families-and it's amazing how long ago those first days seem! who ever would've thought our kiddos would be thriving the way they are?

dlefler said...

You have me blushing, haha! We obviously use the Lings with the hearing aids since Nolan is mod-severe but they're important for pre-implant kiddos, too. Many babies might be able to ear SOME of the Lings with hearing aids (though not all will) - and even if they can't, the familiarity with the routine and the sound-object association will make things easier once little guys have access to sound via CI's.

Nolan isn't hearing very well right now - which scares me since he's straddling the mod-severe/severe border. He's getting all the Lings but "S," but he is asking "WHAT?" a lot more frequently. Hopefully it's just some congestion (ugh)!

Anonymous said...

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