Sunday, October 28, 2012

Quick Catch Up

{in pictures}.
we've been busy.
very.very. busy.

someone got glasses for being farsighted.
more equipment, but have to say,
pure {CUTE.ness}

he also got the new Cochlear N5s!

Check 'em out! You can't even see them from the front anymore!
(more to come in a separate post)

someone else got a nice fresh hair cut.
because her school had a bout of lice, and unfortunately, so did she.
what a trooper she was.
what a wreck her momma was.

my first born turned SIXTEEN.
wow. it can't be possible that I'm the mother of a 16 year old.
He also got his first job. at Wendy's.
and no, he doesn't have his driver's license and this momma
is in no hurry for him to get it.
in due time, right along with good grades and that one word - responsibility.

then there was also the first dentist appointment.
Do you know how AMAZING it felt to sit back and let Aiden
answer all the questions the hygienist asked?
of cochlear implants.

Ryan and Kailyn have really stepped it up with their little bro.
they read to him.
play with him.
have conversations with him.
argue with him.
teach him.
more so than ever before.

...just because

my boy's gross motor skills and motor planning skills
have skyrocketed.
he's not stumbling near as much anymore, but instead
jumping and running and leaping and everything else in between.

he loves to {LEARN}
asking questions ALL.the.time.
enough said.

We lost our kitty Bonz.
 we had him eight years,
he was a part of our family.
it's been difficult for all of us,
(especially his brother Baby)
and he is dearly missed.
{RIP} sweet Bonezee.


bioniclissa said...

To me, Aiden is inspirational(sorry if it's spelt wrong!)

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Tammy, except for the cat (I'm so sorry) this whole post makes me so HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!

What joyful news and photos!

My oldest turned 16 too, but good gracious, does not have all that manly facial hair yet! Just got his learner's permit last weekend - I'm in NO HURRY for him to be driving either (insurance - ouch!)

LOVE the pics of Aidan with his sibs :D

Oh happy day :D

Julie G

Tina Cropper said...

Hi Tammy,

Just found out that Dr. Niparko is leaving Johns Hopkins Hospital at the end of the year. I heard that he is moving to LA. It so good that Aiden is improving everyday. I know that you were worried about him but time will come.

Tina C.
Hebron, Md.

Amy said...

another simply.amazing post! You gotta look back to your posts about a year ago and compare them to Aiden's progress now. WOW!
Aren't the N5's the best? I love that you can;t see them from the front. Much less bulk and you won't even need the snugfits anymore. I love their sleekness!
My daughter got lice last year shortly after she moved into her dorm-she was horrified. Yes it is GROSS - she has a ton of very curly and long course-like hair. I had to drive up to her campus twice to NIT PICK - a tedious 4 hour task each time. It took two chemical treatments and then had to do a final mayonaise and vinegar treatment to finally get rid of the buggers. I also had to do lice treatments on two of my kids when they were in grade school. Such a tedious job isn't it.
So sorry about Bonezee. So sad :(

Anonymous said...


This was one of your best posts!! I can't believe how different Ryan looks, Kailyn's hair looks really nice and Aiden, well enough said. Sorry to hear about your kitty, you know how I love animals. The picture of him is awsome though. Could I get a print of that to frame? (not kidding).

Good Luck with your next adventure and say congratulations to Mike from us.



dlefler said...

SO sorry about Bonez, it is hard to lose a pet. But EXCELLENT news throughout the rest of it! Aiden is just thriving - I love the pictures of him running and jumping. It is fantastic!

Ryan is so big - awesome about the job and Kailyn's hair is really cute. I love the new look!

How is Aiden doing with his glasses? Nolan took to his pretty easily, but they are constantly getting smudged and dirty (oy).

Jodi Michelle Cutler said...

So sorry about Bonzee...
LOVE the PIX of the KIDS!!
They're so big and beautiful!!!!