Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Aiden's Two Months!

Yesterday was Aiden's two month appointment! I can't believe he's two months already! What a day it was - our appt. was at 9:45 and we didn't get out of there until after 11:30 and anyone who has a two month old knows what a LONG 2 hours that is! Plus, he got FOUR shots! My roly poly weighed in at a whopping 12 pounds and was 23 inches! He's gained over 3/4 pound in one week! No wonder - he eats any chance he gets! Dr. said he's nice and healthy!

As we were forever waiting, a mom came in with her son who was about 12-18 months old. He sat and babbled with his mom and tears came to my eyes. I immediately wondered, will my baby be able to babble with me like that? Then I thought about the equipment Aiden will have to wear all of his life (google cochlear implants to see a picture of it). Of course I want my baby to hear, and I know the only way he will is through cochlear implants and technology will get better etc. etc. ... and I know this sounds so "material", but again, this world is hard enough and I couldn't get past that moment of feeling sorry for my baby and what he will face. I determined at that moment that Mike and I will have to come up with some good/humorous sayings for Aiden to use to help explain his "equipment". Then again, Aiden will probably come up with his own and then teach us a few!

His audiologist called yesterday to let me know his hearing aids were in. Our appt. is scheduled for next week, but she said we could come in this Thursday instead, but Mike won't be able to make it and I don't want to do it alone. I'm not ready ... it's almost as if putting hearing aids on him is the final diagnosis and will make this all real. I just have to keep telling myself, it's a positive step towards successful hearing/speaking! I'm excited about therapy to start, I'm just not ready for the hearing aids, they're a visual and will be a constant reminder of what no parent is prepared for, a child with any type of disability. I gotta move forward though - we're going to do this and one day AIDEN WILL HEAR and babble and speak and do what he wants to do without limitations! He is amazing, deaf at 2 months, I can't imagine him hearing at 2 years!


Anonymous said...

Blog site looks great! Nice to be able to keep up with whats going on.


Anonymous said...

Tammy & Mike, what a great website! Aiden is sooooo loved. What a beautiful baby boy. All of you have constantly been in my prayers. Tammy, never let your spirit wonder down and if it does I know God will lift you up!

In Him,
Leah, Sherry & Caden

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful site! Perfect for such a beautiful family!!!

Tammy & Mike, you need to know that I have lifted you up in prayer many times & continue to do so. Thank you for sharing your family's story - you honor us all by doing so.

Just clay,

Moe said...


Great job w the blog site. Thanks for keeping us informed on Aiden! We will keep your family in our prayers! I can't wait to meet him! Give him hugs and kisses!



Anonymous said...

Tammy and Mike,
Wow~this is amazing, you've done a wonderful job on this site. I can't believe Aiden is 2 months old already, boy time flies. He is such a cutie patootie. I have been thinking of you a lot ~ let me know if you need help in your classroom! You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

auntangie said...

Hi there -- I'm a very proud Aunt to an amazing nephew, Drew. Just wanted to send you all "Best Wishes" throughout this process. Drew's Mom is a HUGE resource and help, and I'm so glad you were able to find his blog.

And I know you said getting the hearing aids sort of made it "real" -- but trust me, you'll be surprised how adorable they look in them.

Your family is in my prayers!