Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Six Months Old!

Aiden is six months! I can't believe how fast this time has gone! Where has it gone??!!?? I feel like I just had my binky boy yesterday! Well, he officially turned six months on Sept. 17th, but I just haven't had time to post about it with everything in transition.

Here is a video I put together to look back at the last six months and where we've come. Remembering back, I felt so lost, so scared, so angry. That's changed. A little anyway. I've definitely come to terms with my binky boy's hearing loss and have taken an active stance in finding out all I can about it. I know now that I want to help other people. I know I don't want other moms feeling as lost and helpless as I did. I know there are a lot of families out there who need to be educated how important follow up tests really are. I know I want to make a difference. I know I will do everything in my power to provide Aiden a hearing world. I'm still scared, scared for the days when he cries to me, when he's sad about being "different", when he's scared. But I know too, at that time, I will be strong for my boy, just like I am today. And although I may be shattering with grief inside at these times, he will never know it. He is my strength, and I can only hope I will be his.



Leah said...

Just to let you know Tammy, I could not get through the video without crying! He has made it so far because of the dedication your family has and love for him. Who couldn't love the BINKY BOY? We are sooooo sad ya'll are leaving but at the same time so excited for ya'll. Mike is one of the best people I have ever known and worked for! Happy 6 months Aiden! You are one lucky boy!
Leah, Sherry & Caden

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful family! Binky Boy is one blessed kiddo. When can he come hang out with me? I promise you will get him back!


Kel said...

Isn't is absolutely incredible how much can happen and how much can change in just 6 months?? When Danny turned 6 months (not long before Aiden did) I couldn't believe it. It's like the world has turned inside out and backwards, and it's like a whole new life. But a wonderful one, through all the fear and sadness and hope. You're doing an incredible job, being Aiden's mom and keeping yourself and your family rolling through all the punches.

Happy 6 months, little guy!

leahlefler said...

I can't believe Aiden is six months old! He is such a sweet baby and you guys are getting closer and closer to a second hearing birthday- one where he will have access to ALL the sounds the world has to offer. I can't wait to see what the next six months brings!

Julie said...


That is beautiful - he's a precious boy :0)


Karen PUtz said...

Wishing you well on the next fork of your journey! :) Want to share your slide show on

tammy said...

Leah - Thank you for your kind words! We're going to miss growing up with Caden! They were meant to be buddies ... and we will visit!

Diana - You can have Aiden as long as you take the other two too! haha

Kel - it's fun to travel this journey with someone! Glad we've met!

Leah & Julie - just love y'all! You provide me strength with all you teach me!

Karen - Thanks for introducing me to this great site! I've joined and you are more than welcome to post his video here!

AJ's Mom said...

I found your blog through Drew's blog...thank you for sharing Aiden's story! Our son is in the CI process. This new world of blogging has been a great support for us!

AJ's Mommy