Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bad Day, but Counting My Blessings

So we started off our morning with lots of smiles, a good breakfast, and what I thought was going to be a pretty damn good day. Wrong. And not that it was a rough, woe-is-me Aiden was a hellion day, but more so a hard physical day for my baby ... and a teary one for mom.

After breakfast this morning, I took Aiden's tray off his chair to wash it and before I knew it, he was on the floor ... face first. WHACK. I picked him up and a big ol' goose egg started to take form on his head. I ALWAYS buckle him in ... ALWAYS! I guess not this time ... I can't imagine that he could've unbuckled himself, although he does a lot of things I'd never imagine. All I could do was hold him and cry with him. I felt SO, SO, SO BAD. How could I let this happen! Then I got SCARED. So I called Aiden's daddy, packed Aiden up in the car, picked up dad on the way, and headed to the hospital, just in case. He seemed fine, but I wasn't about to chance it! All the way there I beat myself up and Aiden's daddy reminded me "shit happens." I have such a wonderful husband!

On the way to the emergency room, I got a phone call. It was, out of all people, Aiden's surgeon, Dr. Niparko. The first thing he always does is ask about Aiden. So I told him exactly what had just happened. He asked me some questions about the situation, and told me what he figured the ER would do ... send us home and monitor him for 24 hours. Aiden was fine and we turned around to head back home.

So our conversation went on. Aiden's left coil has been consistently falling off since activation. In fact, right before activation, his audiologist noticed the left internal implant piece had fallen in his head. At that time, we talked about doing surgery to move it back up, but decided to do a trial run first. Well, after a week of constantly chasing Aiden around to replace the left coil I called our audiologist first thing Monday morning to order a coil with a longer cord. Which we did, and is working. But Aiden's surgeon thinks it's best to move it now, before the internal part moves even more and before it gets entrapped in scar tissue etc. I just got off the phone with him, for a second time today, and discussed how it's best to do this now, rather than later. And even though the longer coil may work for a bit, we're all looking for more of a lifetime fit and a fix that won't have to mess with the great electrode insertion in Aiden's cochlea. As much as I hate to see Aiden go through surgery again, we trust his surgeon and know we need to do this now.

SO ... this Friday, yes in two days, Aiden has to go back for surgery. It won't be near as invasive as the complete implant, but it's still surgery. I hate that he has to be put under anesthetic again, but I would hate to have a constant fight of keeping the coil on. We see how the implant has moved, but were hoping we could get around having to surgically move it. The good thing is, is that the surgery should only take about 30 minutes, with a small incision, and back wearing his CI and hearing with his left ear again within a week or two. If there's anytime for this to happen, the time is now.

Then to top the day off he had his 12 month well baby visit (we were behind with everything going on) so he had to go and get three shots today! But, he did weigh in at a good ol' 23 lbs. 10 oz., and measured 29 inches long! His ear infection is all cleared up and he's on track with everything ... well everything except listening and language.

"No, he's not babbling ... but he will."

"No, he's not saying mama or dada ... but he will and I'll tell the world about it the first time he does!"

"No, he's not turning to our voices ... but he's starting to!"

"All he says is 'mmmmm' in a moaning, truly annoying way, but he'll move on to new sounds soon ... I really, really hope."

"Although he's deaf, he has been given the miracle of CIs (his pediatrician was teary eyed at this point). And next time, I hope I can answer more of these type of questions with yes."

So, here we go with another mountain to climb in our journey. I thought I was going to lose it more than once today. We're given many challenges in life ... and honestly, I'd rather be given this challenge than many others. My child is healthy. What more could I ask for.


Beaniemom said...

So sorry to hear you had such a bad day. I will keep you guys in my thoughts and prayers, especially Friday.

Kel said...

Oh gosh, hon - that certainly sounds like a trying day. I dread days like those, but the beautiful thing is they are JUST days and you'll find your groove again soon! I'm sorry that he has to go through surgery again, and so soon (!), but I know you and his surgeon wouldn't even consider it unless it was the right thing. I'll be thinking of you!

Drew's Mom said...

Wow, what a day! We'll be praying for you on Friday! Keep us posted...this is going to make things much easier for you in the long run!

Bill and Shelly said...

Oh my!! What a day! We will be thinking of you on Friday. Hopefully this will correct the problem.

Renae said...

We are so VERY fortunate to have healthy kiddos!! Because they are SO HAPPY and HEALTHY makes this a much, much easier process!! Good luck with Aidan's surgery tomorrow! I'll say a prayer!

FutureBionicEar Mom said...

Sorry you had a bad day with Aiden. I did the same thing with my youngest at the Y's when she was just learning to sit up because of balance problem. She tipped over and hitted her head on the contrete floor and had a goose egg bump on the forehead. I took her to the doctor that day also. I remember those days.
Good luck on Friday, Dr. Niparko knows what to do. He is a good surgeon I trust him.

Mom to Toes said...

Good luck tomorrow, Tammy. I will have you and Aiden in my thoughts.

misskri said...

Wow...that is one heck of a day! You and Aiden will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow.

Tiffany & Tristan said...

Tammy you are so strong and such a good mom to your babies. Miracles are a product of hard times and I have faith that many more are to come your way. Your testimony will help so many families, it's encouraged me even though my trials are different. I miss you so much and wish I was close to give you a big hug and cry with you. Love you so much, you're like a 2nd mom to me.

Danielle said...

Sorry to hear bad day.... Im sure he will be fine on friday. Ill be think of you on friday. Like you said hes a healthy baby... thank goodness for that. Just take deep breaths and think positive. Your son came a long way- its a miracle to me & I really enjoy read u blog everytime u post. I sure hope to see you guys at the walk4hearing. I would love to meet you guys!

Anonymous said...

I am having a heck of a time catching up with everyone's blogs since being on maternity leave. I can't believe how fast time flies! I can't believe Aiden already has his two ears and both activated!

Anyhow, thinking of him (and you)today! I'll pray that all goes smoothly from here!

Tiffany - Tayten's Mom

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Praying as I read for a successful surgery and a smooth recovery.

And, oh Tammy, I feel for ya! Sorry about the bad day. You're a good mom. Boo-boo's happen.


Lucas'Mommy said...

Hi Tammy - I'm a little late... but I hope everything went well today! Thinking about you guys, and praying for a quick recovery for Aiden!!!

Val said...

how did I miss this?
wow, poor fella, I'm anxious for an update now. Bless him, you know I'm right there with ya! I just put up a story on the cicircle news blog about reimplanting.
It's something we'll all face at some point. Little man will be fine.