Thursday, June 18, 2009

For the Love of Listening

As all moms know, the toddler stage is not an easy one. Hearing the word "no" is one thing, but actually "listening" and comprehending it, then stopping what they're doing makes a mom's life just that much easier!

Aiden is a VERY active one year old and truly into every.little.thing that he should not be. My mom and grandparents laugh at how busy he is and how he finds things he shouldn't. I couldn't imagine if he didn't have his cochlear implants. With everything that he is into (and of course "everything" he loves has nothing to do with his toys), I would be on the run way more than I already am. I am amazed by how Aiden not only hears me, but that he understands me and stops whatever it is he should not be doing ... well, for the most part anyway.

Repetition is key to teaching a deaf child to learn to listen. Well, "No" is definitely one word that I am constantly repeating, day in and day out, so there's no wonder the boy understands it so well!

Here is a video of a couple times I was able to grab my camera in time before having to yell out "Aiden, No!"


Lucas'Mommy said...

He's such a cutie! And what a good listener!

Kel said...

Wow, what a smartypants! That is phenomenal, and too cute. He listens better than my (fully hearing) 2 year old, ha!

Vivie said...

smartypants indeed!!!!!!

always into mischief!and he IS cute!!

Renae said...

I'm not able to view the video. :( I know he's a smarty though and lucky to have a mommy who is always teaching him!

Leah said...

Give me a spoon so I CAN EAT THAT BOY UP!!!!! Toooooo cute!!! He needs to teach! ha
Thanks for sharing!!! Miss ya'll

Bill and Shelly said...

Don't you just love how he turns to his name!! That is so great.
He is such a cute little boy.

Way to Go Aiden

misskri said...

Good Listening Aiden ~ way to go Mommy!!!! BTW~ He is adorable:-)

Amy said...

I love it!!! And I can see how you've implemented the AV therapy too - keep up the good work!!!

Danielle said...

Wow what a great listener he is!! He is so precious. Nice video


Herding Grasshoppers said...


That's awesome! He obviously heard and comprehended your "no" and your "good boy"!

Reminds me of when my kids were that little... they have to learn the word "no", yet I hated to say "no" over and over.

I think I said, "Walk away... just walk away," about a million times! (And "no" probably two million!)

You're doing great!