Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame ...

... take me out to have fun! One of my favorite things to do as a mom is watch my kids play sports. And I LOVE Ryan's baseball games! This year has been tough getting to see the whole game though since I chase Aiden around everywhere, but in the same breath I'm loving all the great listening and learning opportunities there are at the ballpark! Even better ... Aiden's responding to them!

We usually start off like this ... clean and happy and strapped in. But not for long.

and once he's out, mom doesn't see much more of the game!

Before too long something catches Aiden's attention and like Houdini, he makes his way out.
This time it was a dog.
The licking, petting, and barking, the soft fur ... Aiden loved every minute of it.
and no, we're not getting a dog.
Then we walked down to watch Ryan "play baseball".
"Catch the ball", "Throw the ball", "Hit the ball".
"Run, Ryan run!" or "Slide, Ryan slide!"
Two other great vocabulary words we get in at EVERY game are "in and out". To keep Aiden entertained (because toys just don't do the trick), we let him take everything OUT of the cooler and his diaper bag, then he puts it all back IN.

The highlight of this day in particular was when Aiden heard the airplane. He's heard them before, but has never looked up on his own without me prompting him to listen. As soon as the plane flew over I just watched and waited.
and my little man looked right up in the sky ... he was in awe.
"Yes Aiden! You hear an airplane! ahhhh-ahhh-ahhhh-ahhh!"

One more for the Simply Amazing list!


leah said...

What fun! I love that airplane pic- he is just so cute! I swear he and Nolan are at the same developmental stage- emptying and refilling, destroying and in constant motion! Haha. That was an impressive slide for Ryan, too!

Kel said...

I love the look on his face in the airplane pic too - such amazement at the discovery! It looks like a great day all around. I can't wait to get to the refilling stage...we are stuck at the emptying stage right now, and it leaves my house looking like it's been hit by a tornado, LOL.

PolyglotMom said...

Love it! I think it was you who told me the 7th ling is "the power of pause"! You paused and he performed! YAY!

Renae said...

That is SO very exciting!!! What an amazing journey we are on!

Bill and Shelly said...

That is so cool!! Isn't great to see his reactions to the things he hear.

Landon's Mom said...

Yeah Aiden!! I still remember the first time Landon looked for an airplane on his own. Definitely one of those CI moments you will never forget!

Amy said...

Wow what a picture - how did you happen to have your camera out at that exact moment - it is Priceless!!!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Woo-hoo! You can see the "I got it" on his face!


Jenny- Sienna's mom said...

WOW, how exciting! Can't wait for Sienna to hear her first airplane!

misskri said...

What great pictures ~ I love the look on Aiden's face ~ that expression is priceless. So exciting really hearing things with our little ones ~ things that, before they were born, were just normal everyday sounds!!!

The Coleman Crew said...

Tammy I love that giraffe print bag in the last picture! Where did you get it from?