Thursday, June 25, 2009

Blogcation Time

We've been in Wisconsin now for almost two weeks. We spent every moment possible coming and going to/from my grandparent's house and Aiden getting to know his great grandparents. What fun times ... I love the fact that my kids get to know two of the best grandparents a person could have! They mean the world to me and having them a part of my children's lives as well is a dream come true! I love the fact too that they can see the amazing technology of Cochlear Implants at work. They are in awe of the whole thing ... they are in awe of how busy and into everything Aiden is. More to come later.

Then, for the last three days I took all three kids to Glacier Canyon Resort in Wisconsin Dells. What a blast that was! My younger brother, Uncle Kevin, came too, and helped out with the crew. Unfortunately, my husband doesn't have all the vacation time we'd like him to have, so he's missing out on a lot of this, but will be meeting us here in about a week. WE MISS HIM SO MUCH! ... especially mom! I realized at the park how spoiled I am on vacations. He always lets me relax, soak up the sun, and drink my pool side drinks while he entertains the kids. None of that this time, but it was for the kids and I had a blast entertaining (and was so thankful for Uncle Kevin) ; )

I forgot the USB cord specifically used with my camera back home, so I'll post pictures and recaps when I get home.

Just being in Wisconsin has been a wondrous world of sound for Aiden. The birds are constantly chirping, there are lakes all around, laughter and I love yous from family, airplanes flying overhead, old style train tracks with trains constantly choo-chooing by (he heard his first train the other day and we were only feet from it - his look of course was priceless), big trees and flowers and big black ants and so so much more to talk about. and the best thing of it all .... NO THERAPIES - NO APPOINTMENTS - NO DISRUPTIONS! We needed this break and we're all enjoying every minute of it!

Now tomorrow we're heading out with my mom for our annual camping trip! No tents here - just a real nice trailer with all the necessities for a city girl in the middle of nature (with very little technology capabilities). We'll be off for the next week and a half, tubing, boating, soaking up the rays on the beach, playing with the kids in the sand, taking nature walks, enjoying long talks with my mom over morning coffee as we listen to the same woodpecker peck at the same metal sign over and over again, relaxing and enjoying life. I.LOVE.IT!


Bright Family said...

It sounds like you all are having an amazing time!! I bet the kids are loving it!

Enjoy your vacation!! I'm sure it is much needed!

Lucas'Mommy said...

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!! Yay for no appointments and therapies! The break is much deserved for you...

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Sounds like HEAVEN :0)