Monday, July 13, 2009

Wisconsin Part One - The Grandparents

Every year I take the kids to grandma's house in Wisconsin to spend a couple weeks. We always have so much fun! My mom and I have a very close relationship and it is through her that I have acquired my strength and courage. We have been through thick and thin together and without her, I don't know if I'd be the person I am today.
My mom is not only a wonderful mother, but THE ultimate grandma ... in fact, after returning from our trip, I always say, "Gotta beat the grandma out of the kids and get them back in line." They do no wrong in her book! They are the apples of her eye.

In my journey as a mom, and especially with Aiden's deafness, family has been such an important piece of the whole puzzle. Without the support I've received from so much of my family, I don't think I'd be where I am today ... especially from my mom.
I'll never forget calling my mom when I found out Aiden was deaf. We had gone through so much pain already that year with my dad dying and I didn't want her to deal with anymore. I wanted to sound strong. I wanted to protect her from the wounds of my heart. I told her I was okay. But I wasn't. I called her back the next day and cried my eyes out, explaining I wasn't okay. I was a mess and felt lost. And she listened and comforted me in a way that only a mother can. She cried with me. She felt my pain. And to this day she continues to listen and comfort and support and love and share in my bad days, but even more so, Aiden's milestones, the laughter, and the tears of joy.

Aiden's grandma researches and reads and does her best to learn all she can about his world and his therapy. She puts on his CIs and tries her best to troubleshoot and understand everything about them. She constantly narrates to him, gets on the floor and plays with him, takes him for listening walks, and uses an auditory verbal approach without even realizing it. She gets it. It's just amazing how she just gets it.

And the best part about it all ... is that she has this type of relationship with each of my children ... each in their own special way. And each of my children love her to the end of the world and back.

I love you mom! Thanks for being who you are ... not only to me, but even more so to your grandbabies! You'll never cease to amaze me.

Then there are my grandparents. I'd like to say my mom's the best grandma in the world, but I can't compare her to her own mother, my grandma, whom I believe is the icing on the cake (Kailyn's middle name is after my grandma ... Laurel). Her and my grandpa have always been a top priority in my world. I have a very close, special relationship with my grandparents and feel so blessed that my children get to know the two people who have always been so perfect in my eyes. My grandpa is the only grandpa my kids have. They know this and they cherish every part of it.

Ryan and his great-grandpa talking WWII.

Four generations

Both of my grandparents are still going strong and looking great! Every morning Aiden and I would head over for breakfast for interesting conversations and to laugh as my grandparents "talked" back and forth at each other. Loved every minute of it. These are times I will always cherish.

I remember last year tears rolled down as I talked to my grandparents about Aiden being deaf. My grandpa would shake his head and say in a worried voice, "He's going to be okay. He's going to be okay," and continue to tell me about his deaf aunt who read lips and communicated just fine.

When they saw Aiden this year, they were amazed at how far he's come. They asked questions about his "equipment" and were amazed by the technology. They were surprised at how Aiden turned to their voices and how rambunctious he was. Aiden's great grandma said, "I've never seen a baby as smart as he is. Look at him just figure things out!" Aiden made them laugh. He let them see the miracle of hearing through CIs. This year, my grandpa wasn't worried about him and instead said proudly and with a smile, "He's going to go far. He's one helluva kid."

And that he is grandpa. Thanks to you both for being such an important part of our lives! You'll never know just how much you mean to me! I love you both so much and could never ask for better grandparents!


Melanie said...

What a wonderful post. We are in Wisconsin too! :)

Bright Family said...

Grandparents are the best!

You are so fortunate to have such an awesome and caring family!

My mother moved away a month before Tayten's CI surgery and instead of researching and being interested, she needs to reminded each time we visit that Tayten can't hear with his ears on.

Fortunately, I have the world's greatest mother in law and she sounds just like your mom! Life is so much better with the support of a mom.

I also liked reading about you Gpa's perspective. My Gpa has had hearing aids most of his adult life and cannot believe how well Tayten responds to everyone and everything around him. He is just simply amazed!

Lucas'Mommy said...

Your post brought tears to my eyes! It's so cool that Aiden will know great grandparents! It sounds like your gpa is a very wise man. :)