Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quiet Time

This morning,
Aiden and I walked his sister to her second day of third grade.

Then came home and drove his brother to his first day of eighth grade.

When we returned home,
we played baby,
and read a couple books.

We practiced the Lings,
and just lounged around a bit.

It's my second school year as a stay at home mom.
I miss my job, my friends, and meeting new students,
but I am enjoying my children,
like I never have before.
I feel blessed,
and am very thankful.

Aiden is taking his morning nap.
Floors are swept, laundry is done.
House could be vacuumed,
and I should start planning dinner.

The house is completely silent.
It's been a busy, yet very fun summer.
So I think I'll just enjoy these first moments,
by myself,
doing what I want to do,
engulfed in silence.


Lucas'Mommy said...

That sounds wonderful. I would be enjoying it too.

Unfortunately, today marks my last day as a stay-at-home mom, and I'm not ok with it.

Enjoy lots of alone baby time with Aiden this year!!!

leah said...

A quiet house can be a wonderful thing, but I know what you mean about missing friends and adult conversation. The one-on-one time with Aiden will be great, and here's to a wonderful fall!

Bright Family said...

Quiet time? Is it possible?! We do not have that at our house until after bed time...when Mommy is tired too.

I would love the possibility to stay home with my boys, but it just isn't an option for our family.

You an Aiden will have a great time! Then, you can spend the rest of your free time utilizing ideas from Val's new blog :o) so you have plenty of time to spend with the other kiddos too!

tammy said...

Jen, cheers to a great school year for you and Nate! Lucas is going to do wonderfully, and if you ever need to take a fun play day off, Aiden and I will travel for a fun time! : )

Leah, Too bad we didn't live closer, the boys could have play dates!

Tayten's mommy - believe me, we've taken MANY cutbacks to make this work and sometimes I really miss the extras (like eating out and being able to buy that new pair of shoes here and there!), but it has been worth it. I'm actually wondering what I'll be when I grow up! ; )