Sunday, August 2, 2009

Last Week's Discoveries

1. Hear Always (Cochlear's customer service) is very helpful in troubleshooting any problem. The Listening Center at Johns Hopkins suggested I call them to help figure out why Aiden was pulling his CIs off so much ... and Ben was VERY helpful. Thank you Ben.

2. I need to check Aiden's CIs everyday with the listening headphones. In my attempts with Cochlear to figure out why he would be pulling off his CIs, I found they sounded a little muffled (probably from moisture) and one of his backup processors wasn't getting any sound what-so-ever!

3. CIs really need to go in the dry&store every.single.night, especially in the summer months (the dry & store is an electronic dryer that dehumidifies CIs/hearing aids). I missed one night .... and see number 2 above.

4. CI mic covers should be changed at least once a month in the summer ... every few months during dryer parts of the year.

5. Note to self ... I cannot stay up hanging with friends until 4am anymore and expect to function the next day with a one year old. Nope. Doesn't work.

6. Aiden says "yum, yum" ... or more like "umm, umm" when he's eating. Love it.

7. Don't react when Aiden pulls off and dissects his CIs every.other.minute. He likes reaction. He laughs at it. Instead, put them back on or just take them off for a 10 minute break then try, try, try again.

8. Lucky Charms marshmallows are a great bribery tool for getting responses to the Lings and to point out pictures on these Meal Mats found at The Listening Room.

9. Aiden looks darn cute in a baseball hat. I'm his mom ... I can say these things ;)

10. Aiden is signing no. Next comes saying "no". While I am so thankful my baby is babbling/talking, I'm not looking forward to the "no-no mommy" stage, (okay, secretly I truly am because anything he says is music to my ears ... I say that now anyway!)

11. Aiden would rather play with a laundry basket (especially when the cat's in it) than his toys anyday.

12. One cat is very patient with this boy, the other just runs.

13. Aiden is FINALLY getting more teeth ... two more on the bottom which will now give him a total of 8 teeth at 16 months.

14. My little monkey climbs on everything - his latest, the toilet. But he's not trying to climb onto the toilet, he's trying to climb into the toilet ... the one item in the house I haven't put a safety lock on ... yet.


leah said...

Ah, microphone covers! We had a hearing aid "die" once and I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it. Turns out the mic cover was clogged! I didn't know that CI's could have the same issues with the microphone covers. It is so great that there is a resource for troubleshooting the whole "pulling of the CI" problem!

And he does look totally cute in that hat. Nolan was also a late teether. Now he's almost 2 and we still don't have his eye teeth, much less his 2 year old molars! He got his 1 year old molars at about 18 months.

Melanie said...

Are Aiden and Noah the same baby!?! They are so much alike. I never even thought of asking Med-El for advice on getting Noah to keep his CI's on. I am calling tomorrow for suggestions.

AimeeTheSuperMom said...

I worried and worried with CJ (the Beast) when he was younger and refused to wear his aids. Then, one day around 18 months old, he realized what they can do for him. He's refused to do ANYTHING without them ever since.

(and we've learned about replacing mic. covers, too on the processor).

Shelleyrae33 said...

I'm so glad you commented on my blog! Now I can keep track of Aiden and his progress! I am so glad when you and other experienced moms list these "discoveries" becuase I know what I have to "look forward to" next year :) You are truely a blessing and Aiden is lucky to have you!!

tammy said...

Leah - I think Aiden and Nolan are related in some way OR

Melanie - maybe it's Aiden and Peas LOL! Sounds like all our munchkins are very similar ... and strong willed! Let me know if you have any luck with keeping Noah's CIs on!

Aimee - I am hoping and praying Aiden does the same at 18 mths! Oh I don't think I can make it much longer than that!

Shellyrae - So glad to we connected! I saw your were from GR ... me too! ; )

Sienna's mom said...

I'm so happy to hear that you have some ideas on helping Aiden keep those CI's on. I will keep all these in'll be my turn soon!

Melanie said...

Hey Tammy- I wanted to tell you that Peas has been at ear level for 6 days now and WOW what a difference! He never disected his device like Aiden does (everything is locked with Med-El, so he couldn't) but he tore those coils off his head up to 20 times/day. He doesn't touch them now unless he is REALLY mad. (Maybe once or twice a day) I use a ton of toupee tape and a critter clip and it has been life-changing.

tammy said...

Melanie ... I'm on my way to Sally's! Lucas' mom Jennifer is loving the BTE set up too. I hope it helps solve the "look, my mom bought me an $8,000 teething toy" problem! LOL!

Christian and Lily's Mommy said...

Tammy, you crack me up. LIttle man is doing so well. And you are an EXPERT now on all things CI. You go Momma!

Lucas'Mommy said...

Great post, friend! Last time I tried to comment I had internet issues, so I'm a little late. Thanks for some more great ideas. Ummm... I never knew there were listening headphones. Nate said he did. I thanked him for reminding me, ha! I will now use them regularly too, since I found them buried in "the suitcase." I didn't know that I should change the mic covers so often either. I think I've changed them once in 6 months. I will put that on my to-do list. I'm having fun with those meal mats too. I was thinking lucky charms would be a great idea too. Putting on store list.... I love your cats and your kid! When are we going to hang out again? :)

Oh yeah, and I'm glad mine is not signing no.... yet. ;)