Saturday, September 11, 2010

So Much To Say yet So Little Time

I've started several posts lately, as whenever I think about something
I want to write, I run over to my beloved MacBook and start writing.
Problem is, they all sit there unfinished as I haven't really had the time
to sit and put good thought into fixing
my mumbled messes, such as:

Aiden's six month IFSP review was last month, well actually towards
the end of July,along with a few different language evaluations.

It's our time to start looking at preschools since his transition meeting
from the county to the school district will be this November or December -
seriously, did I just write PRESCHOOL? Where does the time go!?!

Our new fall crazy, busy, nonstop schedule

How he's doing with his new "traditional" therapy
(I'll just say we will continue to go)

and then of course my handful of emotional day in and day out
posts of just stuff I think about

With the fall approaching, so does getting used to a busy life in our household.
Ryan and Kailyn started school,

Kailyn kissing Aiden goodbye on her way to the bus.

which comes along with getting into a homework routine,
and with Ryan starting high school
(oh my gosh, did I just write HIGH SCHOOL? DEEP BREATH!)
his homework is NONSTOP; add in the new fall activities/sports/practices
that I'm constantly running to; getting used to EVERYONE'S new
schedule (including Aiden's), and oh, did I mention I now have a high schooler?
Well, any of you who were once in HS or have a HS'er,
know that mom's newest job title to add to the already long list,
is TAXI CAB DRIVER. It's nonstop.

Not to mention none of us are in school mode. We still think it's summer.

aiden performing d.j. duties

a little baseball playing

and knowing the cold weather is on its way, we're spending
every moment we canenjoying the outdoors.
In fact, Aiden's physical therapist asked if we
could meet at the park instead of at my house until it gets cold out,
Ummm, YA!
and she'll be super excited to hear our days outdoors have lead to Aiden
pedaling his tricycle all by himself! HUGE p.t. milestone!

We've had family visiting to help us enjoy
the new firepit my husband built,

and to help us hold on to the final days of summer,
yet bring in the cooler weather and beauty of fall.
We've been traveling a lot and getting in
last minute four day weekends while we can.

and hence, my lack of time and lack of posts.
They're all there ... just waiting for me to fill in the blanks,
and soon enough, I hope to have them cleaned up and cleared out.


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Melanie said...

I often feel the same way! So much swirling around in my head and no time to get it on "paper" !