Thursday, September 2, 2010

Life With Aiden

I've been meaning to jot these stories down in Aiden's baby book,
but then I remembered this blog IS his baby book.

Every night we have the typical bedtime routine to brush teeth, read books, say prayers, I LOVE Yous, kisses, Aiden hands me his CIs, and lights out. Well, actually, there's also the 100 times in and out of his room to stop him from cleaning out his closet or drawers or bookcase, tearing down the blinds (which reminds me I need new ones for his room AND Kailyn's since he tore those down too), but anyway,

last night, as I was saying prayers with him, his left CI was already off and he accidentally knocked the right coil off. He continued to put the coil back on, listen to a couple words, then take it off, put it on, take it off over and over again. He thought it was hilarious. Of course I was laughing too thinking, "Oh my, this is just the beginning of him realizing he doesn't hear my voice when he takes that thing off." I wonder if he thinks maybe I'll shut up if I see his coil is off. Oh my, here we go.

Lately Aiden has been trying to put his CIs on our ears. Then he smiles at us and gives us a high five, like he's proud of himself for sharing. I've even caught him trying to put one on the cat. I wonder if he thinks we can't hear like he does unless we have one on too? I wish I could take a peek inside that nonstop mind of his.

I'm sure I'm missing some other Aiden silliness, but last but not least,

Aiden has become very good at performing and SAYING the Sign of the Cross. I really need to get it on video cause it's too damn cute. He must sense that we know just how cute it is, because when he's been getting in trouble during the day, he'll stop, look me straight in the eye and start the motions as he says, "Da fadder, da son, (something mumbly for Holy and Spirit), AHen!" Then he'll smile this ear to ear (excuse my french, but honestly) shit eating grin that says, okay am I good to go now? Definitely a Catholic boy.
Oh Lord help me.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh Tammy!

I'm so glad the blog is his baby book so we can all share the funny!

Tate hasn't done this for years, but there were times when he was mad at me and I was speaking (discipline) to him and we would defiantly and dramatically shut off his HA's.


Love the "fadder, son..." Hope you catch him on video :D


Amy said...

Wow that's quite impressive that he knows the sign of the cross! I really should start the prayers routine with Ava as I already do that with her older sister. You've shown me it's not too soon to learn. Soooo funny how he takes his CI on and off when you're talking - I imagine it sounds really funny to him too which is why he does it. His antics make him seem like he is older than 2 he is really smart!

Kat said...

I read this and kept thinking of when our boys will be teenagers...I'm sure that they will flick the coil off and sarcastically say, "What mom? I can't hear you."

The Ahem is so cute. Thomas says Adem. We need to find some time to catch up. I'll call for sure after our first session at TCU next Friday.

This also makes me realize that I really need to update Thomas' blog...crap, I'm really behind!

leah said...

That boy is hilarious! Also, I *HEART* those baby blues.

Honestly, you have to print out these stories in a book for him to keep one day- he is so full of character!

Lily's Mom said...

How funny that he tries to put his CIs on the cat! I wonder if Lily will try to do that?

Jodi Michelle Cutler said...


Anonymous said...

That is so fascinating that he is experimenting with taking the coil on and off. I always an intrigued by how a using a CI sounds to kids and when the begin to notice they can't hear without it. Very cool. Visit this site and scroll down. Thought you (or Aiden) might get a kick out of the pic of the cat.