Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hello Language Explosion

Back in August, Aiden's expressive and receptive language were evaluated using the SKI-HI Language Development Scale by our Regional Infant Hearing Program (RIHP) and the REEL-3 by his Auditory Verbal Therapist (AVT).

The SKI-HI is a language assessment that was specifically designed for children ages birth to five who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The REEL-3 (Receptive-Expressive Emergent Language Test) is a language assessment that is given to help identify infants and toddlers who may have language impairments or other disabilities that can affect language development.

Both test results are obtained through parent interview.

When we first moved to Ohio, we did the SKI-HI, but not the REEL-3.

February 2010 - Chronological Age=23 months; Hearing Age=11 months
  • Receptive Language: 20-22 months
  • Expressive Language - 16-18 months
August 2010 - Chronological Age = 29 months; Hearing Age = 17 months
  • Receptive via SKI-HI: 32-36 months; via REEL-3: 35 months
  • Expressive via SKI-HI: 22-24 months; via REEL-3: 24 months
So, within six months time, my little monkey not only increased his receptive language skills by 12 months, he has receptively surpassed his chronological age.

Expressively, he gained six months of language, in six months, and is still about five months below his chronological age, but still above his hearing age. In my eyes though, this is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING ... you know, being the fact this is a boy who was born PROFOUNDLY DEAF. and I only have the highest expectations that not only will he catch up to his CA, he will go way beyond. It's only a matter of time because ...

... the boy is talking. Check out what he's saying at the right (yes, I finally updated it) - and this is just what he says spontaneously and in the correct context. I did not include the many words he imitates.

He has an expressive vocabulary of over 200 words. Over 100 of these words have been added in the last THREE and A HALF months (July to present)! Leaving the first 100 to the first 16 months. Hmmm, doesn't make much sense does it?

Ummm... can you say major mapping issues? and finally identified motor planning problems from his sensory integration. I believe too, that all his gains in his gross motor skills the past six months have allowed for this recent language explosion.

I am SO PROUD of my little man and all he has accomplished. He has come such a long ways in the past six months alone and I can't wait to see what the next six months brings!


leah said...

12 months' progress in six months! WOW- that is one amazing explosion! Way to go, Aiden!!!!

Melanie said...

Gotta love double time progress. :) Way to go Aiden and his team.

Boo hiss at mapping issues. We went down that ugly road too. So glad that things are better now.

MB said...

Very impressive!

Kat said...

What an amazing difference! I think that you need to also be very proud of yourself, you are one wonderful mommy!

We have definitely struggled with bad maps because of SI issues -- almost 6 months of bad maps because Thomas wasn't giving accurate responses during testing. A good map is a huge difference. These explosions make up for all the struggles suffered in the past.

Seriously Tammy, you guys are doing great! He is making HUGE freakin' crazy progress! I can't wait to get our boys together at JTC. They will pick up on each other's booger placing activities, talking, playing and hopefully learning to share with each other. It will be such fun.

I truly miss you tons! Hope to see you in November!