Thursday, October 14, 2010

Regional Infant Hearing Program

and checkout who's on the cover of our RIHP's newest brochure!

This was taken in the Spring at one of the hearing loss toddler playgroups we attend through the program. There's actually a tear in his eye as this is when he was Mr. Cling, but now he can't get in the room fast enough!

The Ohio Department of Health funds several Regional Infant Hearing Programs (RIHP) throughout the state of Ohio. These services provide families of babies and toddlers identified with a permanent hearing loss free of charge and are in addition to any services we receive through our county. The Columbus program provides services to families in nine surrounding counties. It is through this program which we are offered a parent advisor (our wonderful Ms. Natalie whom we see once a month for therapy ... only once a month because of the areas growing clientele of parents with babies/toddlers identified with hearing loss) and attend a bi-weekly parent support/toddler group. They also offer audiological support from a licensed Educational Audiologist and are an excellent provider of resources and information.

We are very lucky to live in a state/county which provides such wonderful services for Aiden, not just as a toddler, but also once he turns three and begins preschool.


Ericka said...

The Dayton RIHP has been awesome!

leah said...

Aiden is famous (again)! Must be that impossibly cute face that gets him all the magazine/brochure shoots!