Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Two Years and So Thankful

Two years ago today, at 10 1/2 months old, Aiden was simultaneously implanted with the Nucleus Freedom Cochlear Implant. The surgery took nearly five hours. It literally was one of the hardest, most nerve wracking days of my life. When it was over, I held my baby in my arms and saw he was okay; it was only then that the ton of bricks on my chest started to disappear. My deaf child was provided the gift to hear and I knew the day would come when he'd hear my voice and I'd hear his. The day was bitter sweet in every aspect.

The following is from Cochlear's website on Graeme Clark, the wonderful man who invented Cochlear Implants.

"In spite of the problems and criticisms, I just had to go on. A cochlear implant was their only hope of ever hearing.” --Graeme Clark

That was Professor Graeme Clark’s way of thinking—never give up on finding a way to help the profoundly deaf hear.

It was his deaf father’s struggles that ignited this determination. Professor Clark grew up seeing the hardship of living in silence—including the frustration, anguish and resulting isolation. He also witnessed his father’s desire for a greater connection to others, and was determined to make it possible.

From the bottom of my heart Mr. Clark, I thank you for your perseverance, determination, and HOPE., as I listen to that sweet little voice, as I watch him run from me as I call his name, as I see him get all excited hearing the door open as daddy comes home, as I listen to him imitate cars, and trucks, and trains, as I hear him talk to his brother and sister, as I watch him DANCE and HUM to the music, as I hear him discover new sounds, as I hear him say his prayers and tell me "Wuv ew mom", as I hear him LAUGH,

I thank you.


susannah said...

wow-i can't belive it's been two years!!! i still remember how you guys were just a couple of weeks before us, and how i soaked up every bit of your experience.

happy surgery anniversary!

The Brights said...

Aiden, you and your mama are so amazing!

I have been following since the beginning and your journey has been a joy to follow! The words you write are honest and from the heart - absolutely love it!

Melanie said...


Emily said...

Great post! Happy Surgery Anniversary, Aiden!