Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ten on Tuesday (or Thursday - late again!)

C'mon Spring!

1. I am right in the middle of cleaning out the kid's winter clothes to see what they need for Spring/Summer. I am so blessed that my mom is a wonderful end of season shopper and all the loot she gets the kids for the next year. Aiden is totally set with tons of outfits, Kailyn just needs a few pair of shorts, and Ryan, well, he's another story.

2. Ryan's getting at that age where I don't even want to buy him anything because I usually have to bring it right back. I did buy him some nice cargo shorts and polos the other day and was surprised to see him wearing them to school. He's such a basketball shorts with t-shirt type of kid. He looked so handsome and I choked up at how much my first born is growing up (and has now surpassed my height - oh my).

3. Less than 7 weeks left of school until summer break. Where did this year go?!? Do you realize I'm going to have a 10th grader, a 5th grader, and a preschooler next year?!? Where does the time go?!? I'm not old enough to have a 10th grader! lol

4. IEP #2 is on the way. We won our fight with Kailyn's school and they finally tested her. We're thankful she does not have a learning disability, but the tests did reveal some other areas of struggle, which I'd been trying to tell them about all along. Why do some districts assume they know your child better than you?!? So effin' frustrating.

5. We had a beautiful Easter! Aiden had so much fun finding all the eggs. Unfortunately though, the Easter Bunny hid Kailyn's basket in the oven and in my hurry to get brownies in before church and before the kid's got up, I turned the oven on without realizing the basket was in there. Thank God Kailyn's daddy turned it off before it was totally preheated and nothing caught fire, BUT in the end, Kailyn's big 'ol chocolate bunny looked like the Wicked Witch of the East and was nothing but feet. Not cool (literally).

6. Funny story #2: The day before Easter I took the kids to the mall and stopped to see the Easter Bunny. While waiting, Kailyn whispers, "So mom, are you and dad really the Easter Bunny?" to which I tried to ignore in a line full of little kids and nonchalantly changed the subject and started talking about the cute baby in front of us. Kailyn then asks, "So mom, how do babies get in your belly anyways?" No more long lines with this girl.

7. Bella has an ear infection. Do you realize how NOT fun it is to try and put drops in a puppy's ears? She bit the vet. Thank goodness she worships me enough not to bite when I put them in. Guess the old saying is true, "Never bite the hand that feeds you."

8. We are loving Aiden's school! After a few weeks there, Aiden knows his days of the week (we've also been doing them in AVT and at home)! He recites them from Sunday right up to Saturday and when asked to find one out of order, he points right to it! Also, everyday when we leave he'll tell his teacher (Mrs. J), "Bye-bye J!" So cute!

9. In a couple weeks Kailyn will be making her First Holy Communion. This is a sacrament that is typically made in the second grade, but with all our moving the past couple of years, Kailyn's making it a little late. It has worked out perfectly though, because my niece (and Kailyn's BFF) is making hers this year too. SO my SIL and I are in the process of planning a nice celebration for our gals and their special day! It's going to be amazing!

10. I've been watching the horrible news about the weather down south and keeping all the families there in my thoughts and prayers. The weather everywhere lately has been insane and I can only hope it calms down for a nice peaceful summer.

Hope all of you have a beautiful weekend!

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MB said...

I am laughing out loud at the bunny in the oven. I would so do something like that. Hope you got lots of pictures. She'll never let you live that one down!