Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ten on Tuesday (or Wednesday)

1. So I've skipped a few Tuesdays, but like I said, I'm not too great at keeping up with things like this ... just like I haven't posted a Wednesday Workout in awhile either. I do like these though because I feel I can summarize so much in one post. In the same breath, it takes away from me sitting and writing a more detailed one too. With our schedule lately though, these are great!

2. I'm throwing this post together quickly as I have so much to do (who doesn't?) Details below.

3. I talked to one of my sister-in-laws on the phone this morning for TWO HOURS! We talk nearly everyday. Everyone needs someone like this in their life - where you can talk and talk and talk (and laugh), and typically about nothing at all, and before you know it, two hours have passed. I can say though, while I talked, I also got two bathrooms cleaned, the downstairs dusted, and all beds made. Multi-tasking baby.

4. My mother-in-law and another one of my sister-in-laws are coming in today for Ryan's Confirmation tonight and then on Friday my SIL from #3 above and her family are coming in for the weekend (hence all the cleaning). Which is really why I should get off this computer and finish cleaning this house; but that two hour conversation wore me out and I needed a break. ; )

5. Have you heard of Pioneer Woman? Well, I found her photography blog looking for tips and am in awe with her talent. I couldn't find my mom's sheet cake recipe this morning, so as I looked up a recipe for Chocolate Sheet Cake (Ryan's favorite, and it is his special day so he gets a BIG OL' SCRUMPTIOUS CHOCOLATE CAKE - damn I need to get off this computer!) low and behold, I found out that this amazing photographer cooks too! I'm really going to love her site! (her recipe is similar to mom's yet a little different and they're both from Wisconsin so I'm sure it's just as DELISH!)

6. Aiden has finally figured out that he will not win our morning wrestling matches and has taken a completely opposite stance. Now he can't get enough snuggles or kisses. It makes our mornings so much prettier. All other behaviors are still the same, except he's added performing skateboard like tricks while in the bathtub like the walls are a half-pipe (is that what skaters call it?). On the plus side, the kid's bathroom floor gets wiped down every night. He's a maniac.

7. This is Baby. He is HUGE. His brother Bonesy (or Bonz) is just as fat (and believe me, it's not all fur, the cats have "muffin tops".) I really need to get these tub-a-lards on a diet now that winter is over. Especially with mousing season coming up.

8. I can't believe there is only NINE MORE WEEKS of SCHOOL! I'm not ready for summer! Although, I am getting very excited about our upcoming trip HERE. More to come in a separate post.

9. I was going to write a bit on Aiden's school, but I'll save that for another post. Who knows when I'll get to it, so I'll just say his teacher tells me he's talking all the time. Love it. This Friday they're putting on a little program for the parents. His class is singing "Five Little Monkeys Swinging from the Tree". He's going to be one of the monkeys - imagine that!

10. Do you ever have one of those moments where you feel God throws something in your lap right at the time you need it most? Yesterday I was driving along thinking about my dad (his birthday is coming up) and how I wished he was here for Ryan's Confirmation (and next month for Kailyn's First Communion). He was a very proud Catholic. He loved his religion and he'd be so proud of his grandkids. and I cried. and cried. and cried. and I got ANGRY he was taken from us so early. I was feeling sorry for myself. I miss him. TERRIBLY. Then last night, I was looking around the Internet and found this photography website (again in search of tips and ideas). What I didn't know is that I'd stumble upon the other blog she writes. She lost her brother and her baby. Her strength is amazing. Her words are amazing. Her FAITH and BELIEFS are AMAZING. This woman.IS.amazing. Her story gave me that boost I needed - cherish what you have (and I truly do, it was just one of those days). After I read her blog (and cried throughout), I went upstairs and gave each of my kids the biggest kiss on their head - you know the kind you just sorta hold on to and don't want to let go. I'm so blessed to have what I have. Enjoy today, kiss your kids and your husband, call your siblings, mom/dad out of the blue and tell them you love them, just because, you never know what tomorrow will bring.

I hope you enjoy your week.


Herding Grasshoppers said...

I missed your last couple of posts! So glad to get caught up.

I'm laughing because he's JUST SO THREE!!! Everybody warns you about the terrible twos. Well, I LOVED the twos! The you-know-what hits the fan when they turn THREE. At least in my house.

Ride it out, my friend, ride it out ;D


Leah said...

Nine more weeks of school... Yay! Summer is almost here!! Playdate central, here I come!

You HAVE to take pictures of Aiden as a monkey in his little play. SO ADORABLE.

A little boy in our area recently passed away, suddenly - from a flu-like illness. He was seven years old. His family is heartbroken, and our entire elementary school is grieving. His family also shows amazing faith, strength, and courage. There are some amazing people out there.