Saturday, September 3, 2011

High Expectations + Hope & Faith = Road to Success

I think we're finally on the right track. I finally feel like we're getting somewhere. I finally feel like the light is getting brighter; like our team is complete and that everyone is on the same page, on the same team.

After two plus years of trying out a couple OTs to an evaluation from a different OT to being told he's fine, we have finally found a PHENOMENAL one who truly specializes in sensory processing/sensory integration, which both go hand in hand with Aiden's whole body motor planning/vestibular/proprioceptive/praxic challenges. But more than this, I found one who LISTENS. I was beginning to think I was a crazed mom with too high of expectations that people looked at like, "you're kid is really fine lady", until I went to JTC, and they concurred with me, plus some. Then I came home and was presented with Miss Amie (whom, btw, is not only the best OT ever, but Aiden also receives "free" speech therapy as she makes him talk - imagine that!) She gets it. She sees it. She works him. She works me. I'm understanding more. I get it. I now see why OT is the "fun" therapy. I also get homework every.single.week. I knew she was out there. I LOVE her, but better yet, Aiden loves her.

Aiden in his Thera Togs aka "Super Mario Suit"

After two plus years of searching for a consistently good map for Aiden, I think we have finally found the strategy that will work for HIM. It's based on phonemic mapping, not mapping just based on pure tone audiometry, but based on phonemic awareness. Amazing. I learned about this from seeking out an audiologist from this clinic in San Diego. I heard about them from our former AVT, Miss Becky, after she heard we were possibly looking at an apraxia diagnosis. She knew we always had trouble with Aiden's maps and expressive language, so she suggested I contact this clinic. Which I did; which I spent countless hours on the phone with them understanding their mapping theory; which I loved and which made sense. But I knew a trip to San Diego every three months for mapping appointments wasn't fathomable, not out of the question, but seriously expensive. I called Aiden's audiologist and her words to me,

"I will do whatever it takes to get Aiden on track to be successful. I will talk to them, we will get there."

Yesterday was our first mapping appointment utilizing this new technique. One word - AMAZING. In less than 24 hours, I hear a difference in Aiden's speech - it's CRISPER, the ending sounds on words are CLEARER (including the /t/ and the /k/ and the P!) My boy said Fish and LeaF.

OT will work on his motor planning; a new mapping strategy will get his maps back on track. Between the two working together, I see the light. My hope has been reenergized. I finally feel like we're not stagnant, but the train is moving forward and everyone's on board, as a team. I can't wait to see what's around the corner.

I have more details on both, which I will get to, but to end, what I've learned is,

never give up; I will always strive for what I know best - MY CHILD - because I am his biggest advocate - and honestly, can my expectations ever by TOO high? Never.


Kat said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome. Tears in my eyes for Aiden and more for you. I know you...I know your deep and never ending love for your were right...never lose the faith, sista! hugs and love!

leah said...

That is so, SO awesome!!! You are such a great mom, and Aiden is going to rock this world with the right supports in place!! Go, Aiden! And Go, MOMMY!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

Oh! This is so exciting!!! So awesome that you found people and strategies that are working!


Danielle said...

this is great!!!!!!!

misskri said...

That is absolutely terrific news Tammy! Aiden (and you) are ROCK STARS! He is such a lucky little guy to have you as his biggest advocate!!!

London's Mommy said...

Girl I wouldn't expect anything less from a mom would would leap over anything for her son. I'm so happy that Aiden is getting what he needs.

Drew's Mom said...

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome!!

Julia said...

That's terrific all around! I'm so glad things are finally starting to gel. And that's a really intriguing mapping theory. You should post something on cicircle about it, because apraxia can be really tough to map around and I know other parents there have struggled with this. Thank goodness your audiologist was on board with it.

Katherine B said...

my SLP passed this link to me and as someone who has to pay $450 per mapping for my son, we are definitely gonna try this next time!

Anonymous said...

your crazy it's your fault the kids here and he can't hear what good is life without a dick? no good if u ask me