Wednesday, November 23, 2011


my children
i am so thankful God chose me to be their mommy. 
each one makes me smile in a different way; 
each of them have this crazy sense of humor and contagious laugh.
no matter the challenges that face us, I end the day 
thanking God they are HAPPY, HEALTHY children who are FULL of LOVE.
 and for that, I couldn't be more thankful.

my husband.
we celebrated 17 years of marriage this year. seven.teen. 
i am so proud of us.
i am proud of him. he is a wonderful father and an even better husband.
we compliment each other.
i am thankful for all his hard work which allows me to watch my kids get on and off the bus.
i fell in love with him because he made me laugh ... he made me smile,
and he still does.
and for this, I am thankful.

my mom.
since my first memories, it was always me and my mom.
we were a team. partners. we made it through thick and thin together.
she taught me to be independent,
that i could do anything i set my heart out to do,
that no one could hold me back.
she is my rock. my hero.
she is also an amazing grandma
and has a heart of gold.
for her, i will always be thankful.

i believe every friendship made throughout life is
a reason, a season, or a lifetime.
and i appreciate each one and the lessons learned.
i cherish hour plus phone calls
that take me away from reality.
i cherish dinners out, and long chats over a bottle of wine,
as each of us vent, cry, laugh.
i cherish my friends.

i don't know if i could get through the day without my apple products.
not only do they help me keep in touch with friends and family
from around the country - at home and on the go,
(and keep my kids busy when mom needs some quiet time),
technology has provided a means to knowing a new community within my life;
a community of people, whom most, i have never met, but come to love.
and for all my fellow hearing loss families,
i am beyond thankful.

cochlear implants.
speaking of technology,
i couldn't get through this list without mentioning CIs.
everyday as he gives me a hug and says "good morning mommy",
everyday as i hear him laugh with or yell at his brother and sister,
everyday as i hear his sweet little voice,
i thank God.
without these, i wouldn't of heard this morning,
"mommy i need help charge ds please"
seven words.

my sister-in-laws.
i have two brothers. we're close, but what girl doesn't want a sister.
now i have many.
there's nothing better than heading up  north
and spending the night chatting and laughing
and more times than not, (excuse my language), bitching, amongst each other.
another reason i'm thankful for my husband,
by marrying him i also inherited the sisters i never had.

memories of my dad.
even though it's been almost four years,
i still have tearful days of missing him dearly.
but not a day goes by that i don't think of him and smile.
as the years pass, i am thankful for being able to focus more on the memories,
instead of the loss.
and i will always be thankful for,
the father he was.

and last but certainly not least...

yep. SO thankful for wine.
not much more to say about that.

oh, and




Lily's Mom said...

Love this post! Of course I'm thankful for family and definitely CIs, but I'm also thankful for wine and chocolate! :) You made me smile.

Danielle said...

beautiful..... :)

Fever said...

nice journey ..hope this "contagious" to everyone..

Melanie said...

LOVE it. I am so thankful for technology too. This journey would be SO much harder without my CI Mama friends. :)