Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Excellent Presentation by Carol Flexer, Ph.D.

I wanted to share this presentation, http://www.hearandsaycentre.com.au/documents/CaroleFlexer-AuditoryBrainDevelopment-AParadigmShiftforChildrenWhoAreDeaforHardofHearing.pdf, that I saw from another mom on a list serv. This is a very informative presentation by just reading through it; I wish I would've been there to see Carol Flexer give it in person.

It reminded me that hearing loss is not about the ears ... it's about the brain. It reminded me of all I can do as Aiden's mom, to help "grow his brain" to hear, and how this in turn is so important for him to speak! It reminded me that all the hard work we are doing is going to enable my deaf child to not only hear, but to listen and to speak! It reminded me how important it is to keep those hearing aids in, every waking moment, no matter how much he pulls them out. It reminded me that every word I say to him, every book I read to him, every song I sing to him is worth so much.

I hope you get as much out of this as I did. I saved this to my computer and will go back and review it quite often. Just to remind me.


leah said...

Carol Flexer's great! I have one of her books. I really want to make one of her presentations sometime (if only she would come to Buffalo)!

And I love Aiden's new pictures on the sidebar. He's growing so fast!

Ambulance Mommy said...

oooh thanks for adding that. I've printed it, and I'm going to sit down at my lunch hour and pour over it...and then make my husband do the same thing.

Just getting to read up on everyone's blogs, and was really interested in your MRI experience. I can honestly say I'm already freaking out about ours next week.

tammy said...

Leah - I googled her name after I posted this and saw these books. I look forward to reading them! And you're right ... Aiden is growing too fast!

Ambulance mommy - Good luck next week with the MRI. Now that I look back, it's truly not that bad. I freaked out the day before, I think all moms do. It's hard to see our babies go through this! I think the hardest part was not letting him eat, my boy was HUNGRY! So have something ready for when they're done!!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

I hadn't heard of her... I'll have to look for books at our library.

I love the new pic - he's really growing!